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the answers to all the things going on with game?

the truth about why u didnt ban people who gm shoped? they runin arround making unbalance in alrdy unbalnced game with unbalanced classes.

the soulution or compensation to people that spended tons of real money to get better, and support the game and they get finger in their ass, with letting others use gm shop and forbiden items wich has been used to compete with normal legit players and not alowing them to feel where their money went?

the explanation how is possible that duped items go on market making mess and when ppl tryin to gear up spending  few months shoutin on market and buying resseling stuff( not know that is dupe) end up baned from your side.  (example : Elusive, class Segnale, Drastic class Mage.. etc) 

the ability to earn your paycheck?


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    what I want to know is when they going to remove all the gm rings in game. if they don't do it this week think ill take a break until hew company takes over game I had enough of game being soo unbalanced and you keep  letting these guys go like they are so  good because then they fight with out  amour and brag about it, gm's should see that  in chat and perm ban them  mainly for using item from GM shop
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    @roadstar, why the heck are you disagreeing with all the people that are against coruption and demand explication from Papaya and devs, just shows on which side you are i guess ...

    Anyway, as K1F1N urged so many times and I totally agree with him is to stop playing Dekaron because there is no way to compete with walletwarriors that abused the GMshop and to even wait for more fake promises from papaya ...
    It's been almost 1 month and +10s are going on the market, No helpy+10 has been made since the gmshop has been changed and a few months ago there were like 5-8 helpys+10 made daily ... look on epvpers and see people selling helpy+10 sets and mc3, why would we legit players play anymore knowing we can barely make a +7 helpy with the #papayasuccessrate #KaronsFang while others get all that ilegaly and no1 from the management bats an eye, we dont fucking care that half the server is into it, delete all the +10 made with 100%, but yet again 1 month has passed and no move from papaya.

    Even if papaya would sell the game out to another company, playing dekaron having those items and such scum players in it will never save this game.

    Thank you papaya for giving us the best example of abuse and corruption from your end. #Levante

    So sad that we invested so much money and most of all OUR PRECIOUS TIME just for everything to end up like this ... in coruption and dirt.

    Dekaron was a game we all loved and returned with joy at but you have made it a joke because of the greed for money, no new player can ever compete and no old player gonna come back and have the motivation to even try to compete with such premature ejaculation of people that bought from the GM shop.
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    cuz if u talkin about summy rodasroro or whatever br name is, the same one is from begining involved in ilegit stuff story, dill buying was first then all other things proceeded,same as oOrafaOo who hacked yoshi back in  day with his pals TANKERMACHINE and pretty popular mage at that time LuaClara , somehow Rafa still rolls in game with op items, all scum.

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    As we already know this was going on before papaya took over Dekaron, there is no way they can delete helpy +10s, Ilipia +9s, +10 gold dragon weps and couple other items. It will affect those who did farm their dill months after month, quite few players already rage quit this game of this bs going on and now imagine if they start deleting items from legit users because we as players can't see wich items clean and wich aren't during purchase from other players, the only thing we can feel that something is wrong if price for the item is way too low. The best they can do is try to take control of this damage that have been done to the community. Also keep in mind that this is a cheat and people who used to modify cash shop literally where able to put any item they want. So yea very few players can say that they are safe since they farmed their stuff and made it on they own but those are very very few.

    Proper actions, IP ban all the accs that where directly abusing this, acording to some players like 40+ got banned but i wont trust rumours because i want to see proper ban list with player names.

    If they delete items then most likely the ones that shouldn't be here, such is 50% mele resistance gems, lv 200 emblem, earings that shouldnt be here.
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    Shadow u toutaly right, ban people who used gm shop, and buyd stuff that was bought from middelman that sold stuff for money, same that amount of money couldnt be obtained in game just like that.Some stuff is pretty obvious.

  • babounbobybabounboby Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
  • babounbobybabounboby Posts: 52Approved Member Beginner
    BUMP/ waiting gm answers about their actions.. STILL, 
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    GM's if ya need help in QUERYING in your DATABASE those who BOUGHT on GM SHOP let me know, there is probably an audit trail since this game is pretty old and those techy stuff should always be there. Unless you aint investigating at all.
    With you guys not even responding to our forum post makes it even clearer that you dont even care about the game at all.
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     waiting gm answer about action they gona take about current issues,for like 2 months alrdy , now thats realy a proof of job very bad handled.I hope in future we can have someone to comunicate with players and know something about Dekaron and how its suppose to be and ofc most of them need to go(being fired) since i dont see any other solution unless more players go and that will mean only 1 thing.
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