Daily Reward

kaylieepotkaylieepot Posts: 17Member Beginner
Seriously? In exchange of Premium Veteran's you guys will give us 1 Seed of Dream? How ridiculous was that? As if it is sooooo hard to get 1 Seed of dream? Ugh..


  • konvict6dkonvict6d Posts: 0Member Beginner
    i Agree with u bro  when i see 1 seed of dreams in daily reward i say wtf  if he put 10/20/50 seeds in rewards i understund but not like this 1... 
  • staszyk1staszyk1 Posts: 30Approved Member Beginner
    still not changed after maintrance
    so still we have 3 seeds for 1,5h in game
    and 2 seeds for killing 200 mobs 
    great :D
  • gechi03gechi03 Posts: 37Member Beginner
    No wondering this a fking unique company :D Papaya worker not really care what happen in game, till money coming. Just read back no any GM opinion, reply in forum in last 2weeks :D
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