svenfiksvenfik Posts: 2Member Beginner
Hi there. This is just a suggestion for the GOLDBOX. I hope you guys can make like the last time called GACHAPON. As of the top card is for only SMGs /Skins/Pistols. For middle card is for Rifles/skins and last card is for Snipers. I hope you guys can remove the flash, gears. Coz we look into guns than others. And its good you guys put some BP. Its nice. Thank You. I hope you guys can consider on my suggestions. Thanks for your time. Good Day !! :D 


  • GMMrAntsGMMrAnts Posts: 28Member, Approved Member Beginner
    Hi svenfik,

    Thank you for your precious suggestion we have taken down your suggestion and we will review it, do continue to give us your suggestion so we can make the game better.

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