[Event] 2017’s Highlights of War [UPDATED]

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Hello Soldiers,

The year 2017 is counting down its final hours, and the War Rock team couldn’t be happier looking back at the past 4 months.

After War Rock found its new home on Papaya Play, we have seen plenty of fun events, action-packed clashes and battles, and all manner of awesome creative user-created content, and every single one of us here at Papaya Play would like to THANK YOU for joining us since August. Thank you for bearing with us during some lows, and thank you for your participation and contribution during the highs! We are very much looking forward to an even more exciting year 2018 with every single one of our soldiers!

To properly honour this eventful year (or, rather, the 4-months-young War Rock era under Papaya Play), we would like to know the highlights and most memorable War Rock moments you’ve had since August! We are also curious to hear about what you plan to pursue in 2018 in both War Rock and real life!

Event Rules:
1) Share a memory with us by submitting either a screenshot or video with a little story about the memory.
2) Share your War Rock New Year’s resolution!
3) Share a real life New Year's resolution!

- 5 lucky winners to be rewarded with a weapon of their choice for 30 days!
- ALL submissions will be rewarded with Firecracker for 3 days as a participation gift

Duration of Event:
- December 31st 2017 and January 10th 2018 (CET),

We look forward to your stories, as well as a healthy, happy & war-loaded year 2018! Happy New Year, Soldiers!


Thank you to everyone who participated!

Everyone that participated should have already received their participation gift, Firecracker for 3 days. 

The 5 lucky winners are:

1) distortion
2) KingKazma
3) sosikx7
4) Chantie
5) xBorisItisx

Please send us a PM with the weapon of your choice.

We hope everyone is able to keep their New Year resolutions!

*The event will be unlocked on December 31st.
*The five winners will be announced shortly after the event concludes.


War Rock Team


  • distortiondistortion Posts: 56Member Beginner
    Best memory has to be the Papaya take over in general. A new start and a new hope for War Rock.
    Also the new Tournament modus was really good when it was first launched.
    Think this is the funniest screenshot I have. As a Dutchy, who doesn't want to delete Germany. (joke)


    Warrock resolution : More tolerant towards others in-game.
    Real life resolution : Work out more.
  • N0HCH0N0HCH0 Posts: 309Member Trainee

    Since 2005 together with WarRock. 

    I wish good luck and headshots to honest players :D

    Papaya CHEYTAC_M200 in the gift shop? xdd
  • DragonForceWRDragonForceWR Posts: 243Member Trainee
    I guess my best memory about this year is as mentioned before the take over to PapayaPlay and the bugged Mk1s DE which ruined mostly every BG Match (Thanks to NX) <.<

    I think Papaya is doing a great Job and i hope it will stay like this. No other Publisher before made balance patches (by their own), no other Publisher had a good solution vs cheaters (thanks to EAC) and no other Publisher cared about Clockers. Good Job in 2017. Keep it in 2018 :)

    About my Screen. Mk1s DE was Bugged AF and ruined so many BG Macthes. So i decided to create a "Mk1s_Xmas_Dual" Skin as joke about how to create a even stronger weapon for the XMas Event xd
    Sadly it didnt got used :(


    My WarRock Resolution:
    - Catch more Clockers / Cheaters / Bugusers :D
    - Do more LiveStreams
    - Be more Relaxed ingame xD

    My RL Resolution:
    - Got none right now :D everything is just fine how it is (=



  • 1tha1tiger1tha1tiger Posts: 3Member Beginner
    imageimageimageimageimageBest memory To papaya <3 

  • 1tha1tiger1tha1tiger Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Best Memory To papaya 
    Happy New Year Guyz :D
  • gomez8325gomez8325 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    edited January 12
    Hello Papaya!! Hello Troopers!! 
    Happy new year all!!! :)
    I played for the beginning, saw many players and many, many game updates for G1, Nexon and Papaya...
    When Papaya took Warrock I think game is over!! But I am pleasantly dissapointed!! Bring some new in game... The first what i loved Toy skin and toy mp5k:

    This one the first, when i think the game wil evolve in the right direction.... 4months 4 "big" update nice packages, events, prizes, weapons. Well Done!!
    My Warrock resolution: More package, more weapons, clan logo upload, spend more time gaming GM's on server
    My real life resolution: More time to playing!! :P

  • gomez8325gomez8325 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    https://ibb.co/c7eahG ;
    Here the good link for the screen

  • 1tha1tiger1tha1tiger Posts: 3Member Beginner
  • deshicideshici Posts: 20Member Beginner
    2005 yılından beri tutku ile devam eden bir oyun hikayesi bu.Nice warrock ile büyük tutkulara PAPAYA PLAY <3 

  • R3voxWRR3voxWR Posts: 393Member Intermediate
    Lookin' at Marien's moon, I can see a better future for War Rock with Papaya Play!!
    I really hope in that!! :D

    Intel Core i5-3450 - Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 - 8 GB of Ram 
  • RealistRealist Posts: 3Member Beginner

    Oncelikle 4 aylık geçen sürede yeterli gelişim ve eğlence yönünde yeterli aksiyonların alınmadığını gördüm çeşitli eventlar sayesinde 2018 de bu durumun tersine dönmesi temennim. 2018 de beklentim farklı haritalar ve farklı silahlar daha çok hediye ve sürpriz etkinlikler olmasıdır. Henüz 4 ay olduğundan beklentiler karşılanmamış gibi duruyor ama durumu değiştirmek yine sizin elinizde. Mutlu bir 2018 diliyorum.

  • N0HCH0N0HCH0 Posts: 309Member Trainee

    Do you believe in this future R3voxWR?


  • millionairesmillionaires Posts: 0Member Beginner

  • 4funtz4k4funtz4k Posts: 3Member Beginner
    When I Try Fly.image
  • papisalsapapisalsa Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Me la voy a pasar jugando Warrock hasta que me quede ciego haber si mejoro un poco viva Warrock 2018
  • robbenarekrobbenarek Posts: 1Member Beginner
  • HacayESLHacayESL Posts: 5Member Beginner


    TurkeyWRs - notably the most dominant and strongest team ever to exist on WarRock is wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year "belated"!

    My best memory within the four months was that we finally got a new server to play on. The server is much smoother but we still are waiting for a big tournament to come, in order to lure more players into this game, so it can grow and become more popular ;). I want to thank you, Papaya, for keeping this game running, even though the circumstances are not perfect. Anyway, I hope this game will stay alive, so I can keep playing my favourite game ever.

    WarRock-resolution: Not arguing in game (always getting banned for insulting :D)
    Real life-resolution: Achieving my goals!!!

    Hacay (TurkeyWRs)
    TurkeyWRs consisting of Medicalist, Hacay, Onskii, Santana

  • Sezeru61Sezeru61 Posts: 21Member Beginner

    The weapon in the video was a reward from the "Simon says" Event and the gauntlets are from the "Cyperpunk Package". I'm looking forward to see such more of this awesome events and weapon skins. It was really funny to play with my new equipment so my memory was shaped from the effort which papaya did to make us (the community) happy. Keep going on with balancing and ingame innovations :)

    My Warrock New Years resolution is to getting better and better so I can win nearly every game and bring our clan on the top of the rankings.

    My real-life resolution is to get great results in my exams and have more fun.

    Happy New Year!
  • sosikx7sosikx7 Posts: 17Member Beginner
    Hello :)
    Here is record on the zombie map. We were trying 2 times and we established record by third time :D


    WarRock Resolution: 
    Record video and catch more ovc players,
    Be better player on BG maps,
    trying to win some events ;p

    Real life resolutions:
    More and more crazy parties with friends ;p
    Looking for more people to play WarRock :D

    IGN: sosikx7

    Greetings :D
  • mrdrawermrdrawer Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Love so much play warrock!
    Xcadoro and Hexakill for watching.
    Thanks papayaplay for the  opportunity!

    #follow my participation video

  • mrdrawermrdrawer Posts: 0Member Beginner

    Thanks for opportunity!!
  • ChantalxxdChantalxxd Posts: 12Member Beginner


    My best memory of Warrock must have been the whole month of December.

    I just like to play Warrock during the December month, because of the
    Christmas/snow updates.

    I really enjoy to play in the snow, I don’t know why :D.

    Also the character parts in accordance to santa are awesome.

    I also won one of the events in this month, and that’s why I got this polar
    bear costume and I’m loving it. 

    I just like December in general, because it’s THE holiday month of the
    year. From visiting family during Christmas to lighting fireworks for the new

    Warrock resolution:

    -First of all, I hope to become better in playing Warrock. I would like
    to be able to kill all the soldiers of the opposite team in every game that I
    play (now I have some good games and some bad games, so its not that stable.)

    -Second. I want to achieve the 3 stars in the upcoming year, this is not
    going to be that hard since I’m only a few levels away from it :P.

    -The last thing, I would like to plan more time by playing Warrock in the
    upcoming year. Last year I haven’t played Warrock that much because I simple
    didn’t had the time. Hopefully I will have the time this year!

    Real life resolution:

    -I want to buy a
    game pc, because I only have a laptop to play on and it gives me like 30 fps in
    normal games. It is really hard to play against other players with around the
    140 fps :P.

    - I would like to get higher grades on school, I haven’t always spend enough
    time on my schoolwork so I’m definitely going to work about that because I
    really want to pass this year.

    -Starting driving lessons, watch out I’m going to drive!

    -Going to the doctor to get rid of my migraine.  (I just
    don’t like doctors)

    -Stop being lazy

    -And obviously being healthy and happy next year, but I think that everyone
    wants that haha!.


  • joseff35joseff35 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    WarRock is a legend place
    I enjoy playing it
    SINCE 2007
  • xBorisItisxxBorisItisx Posts: 4Member Beginner


    My best memory of Warrock this year, was when I discovered the game !

    My friend told me about this game
    and wanted to play with me, so I gave it a try.

    I haven’t seen any other game with
    such good movements, so I’m really impressed.

    I sadly don’t have any guns yet,
    since I’m new. So I would be really happy if I would win this event!

    The screenshot was kinda funny in my opinion since the head of the  guy in front of me came in the snow. Don't know why but it's probably my humor.

    I hope this game will get more
    popular, maybe you can advertise it on steam? :P


    Warrock resolutions:

    -I would like to become better in
    the game, since I’m really shit right now haha!

    But I’m becoming better everyday. (
    I hope ) :P

    -Getting a higher level, the level
    120 will never happen probably but I would be happy with a level 50 :P.

    - Playing Warrock with my friends

    Real life resolutions

    - Work out more

    - Going out with my friends more

    - Passing my school exams.

     - Buying a new pc

    Greetz Boris

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