Sacred Claw Dragon Horn

kaylieepotkaylieepot Posts: 17Member Beginner
If I keep on killing the bomb of execution in the final boss, for dragon horn, instead of going to the 3 NPC for the buff, will that remove the chance for me to get the Dragon horn loot? Since I only do Sacred Claw solo, I don't really have the option to go near the NPCs to get the buff. 

Or is the drop rate really low? Because I'm almost done with all the other ingredients except dragon horn -_-

I hope this makes sense for answers. 


  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 175Approved Member Trainee
    Drop rate is low though i find longer to farm corrupt essence full set for ungula xD.
  • BloodMoonCryBloodMoonCry Posts: 29Approved Member Beginner
    I managed to get the horn from killing the bomb if that answers your question.
    I did have help though making it lots faster than solo (I can't solo that whole dg).
  • kaylieepotkaylieepot Posts: 17Member Beginner
    Thanks for the answer. So the drop is just really low. Ugh -_-
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 170Member Trainee
    just buy keys from Dshop - it's a way lot more easier than sit on your computer to farm perp.

    Have a taste of my Kameha-meha boom boom boom.,
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