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    Do you really think it helps to say what all the players know ??? none of the DEV or GM'S have answered any of the requests we have made in the forums, we all know that Irage and Hall of Shame have and continue to have illegal items, but nothing happens or will happen, they are friends of the GM and that's why they do not ban them or do anything to them, on the contrary they continue helping them to have items +10,

    Have you tried to level up any item ?? it is practically impossible if you want to upgrade it to +6 and every day, they follow upadgrading items to +9, +10

    We demand, I believe most of the legal players, to be banned and remove all their illegal items, this is one of my wishes for the new year, but like all wishes, it will remain in that only desires while the gm's are with them and help them ----
  • babounbobybabounboby Posts: 49Approved Member Beginner
     ^ this + any answers ? any actions? gms wtf? is this realy possible ? ignore ppl more then u alrdy had? LOL
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    @cesaroctavio wait wait so what ever happened to the ppl in coven? why is IRage all of a sudden being targeted? yall need get that stick out yalls asses and play the fuking game if not go somewhere else if you dont like it. how the fuk do you know everyone has +10 gear? are we the only ones in game having this or what? did we pk the shit out  of you in crespo or doomedmaze making it reason for you to come and bitch on forums? mothat fuka please grow a pair and gtfo with your nonesense
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    GM Gismo has been around since August 2016
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