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Now that I got your attention I just wanted to say that I QUIT and I welcome you to add any reasons to my list.

1. Daily rewards are ruined and not fixed after a week.
2. Events are awful.
3. Perps for cash.
4. Army of retarded wallet warriors who don't care about anything and keep spending thousands.
5. Had gotten an ad of a private server in forums.
6. There is a spammer of a private server in Ardeca.
7. Low server population.
8. No reason to do Colosseum and Battle Royale (I don't know if they're even working.)
9. Events are awful 2. Got 600+ coins and only 3x "8" coins, got 50+ useless NEW YEAR TOKENS.
10. Class balance is awful. (Not sure if Papaya is to blame for this.)
11. Every little upgrade or patch is based on cash or has cash alternative.
12. Forums ARE AWFUL. (I won't even be able to edit this post.)
13. Dshop and pretty much EVERYTHING is only getting worse every patch.
14. Literally, every event infographic on the website in the past half year had mistakes on it.
15. Every event is not thought through or bugged.
16. No communication with GMs and DEVs.
17. GM shop debacle. Its clear Papaya was behind this and not some rogue GM.
18. Upgrading Meisters without dshop is impossible. Must buy Gnires and skillbooks from dshop cause the game is so dead that there are barely any for sale. (And stuff like that shouldn't even be in the dshop.)
19. Ridiculous Dshop. You can buy anything in Dshop from 40 Euro costumes to your firstborn son.
20. 40 Euro costumes. If you don't think its ridiculous then you are part of the problem and look at my number 4.
21. Most of the time Dksq is 2x2.
22. Playing the game you like shouldn't feel like you're being held a hostage.
23. ...

That's all I can think of for now but I am sure you guys will have something to add. ^_^



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    23. They had a week to add more coin exchange options and fix daily rewards but our week's worth of development was bringing back normal costume exchange to Santa which probably took 10 seconds to copy paste old code. Think about it. That's what was done in a week. And it was their mistake to remove it.
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    Good option will be if they add dragonic perpetus for exchange with this dk coins even to be 1k coins 
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