[EVENT] Protect the GM (Finished)

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Hello soldiers,

Our GM Team started once again at War! Choose your side and protect once again your favorite GM on the new Event Protect the GM!

 Event Mechanics:

 From 12/01/18 to 02/02/18, every Friday at 20:00 (MYT) the GM team will create several rooms with the name [**EVENT**] Protect the GM;

 We will announce the channel and also the password to the room and you need to try to join the room as fast as possible;

 The objective of this event is to protect your team’s GM and kill the opposing team’s GM and members. The winners will be the team on which the GM has fewer deaths;

 Event Rules:

 • Rejoining is now allowed;

 • Only default characters are allowed (Rayne, Mantis, Travis II, etc.. are not allowed);

 •  You can only participate once per week and if you win on this or any other in game event promoted by the GM Team, you can only participate 7 days after (to give the chance to participate & win to more players);

 • If you break the event rules or disrupted the organization of the event you will not be rewarded and you will be blocked from the event;

 Event Rewards:

 • Participants - All participants will receive a BSC weapon for 1 day;

 • Winning Team - All members of the winning team will receive a BSC weapon for 3 days;

 • MVP - The MVP will receive a BSC weapon for 7 days;

Choose your side and prepare once again for battle!

Team BlackShot
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