Christmas event/New year event review

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Already did Halloween event review and now it's time for christmas/new year. Must say im extremly disapointed the way this year event have been done from papaya part, this for sure is the worst Christmas/New year event i have experienced since 2007 and after near perfect Halloween Event wich was the best Halloween Event we had since 2007, it was a real step back in quality for Christmas/New year event so yea time to move right away to pros and cons.


To be honest not many pros for this event at all.

  1. Stats for  costume really nice
  2. Stats for Parca wings also decent 
  3. Visual design for costume/wing are awesome for Christmas motive
  4. 20 seed of dream exchange for Christmas gift random box also decent
  5. Christmas gift convertation to New year gift was a really good move

Well there are loads of cons.

  1. No reasonable exchange rate for spare Christmas gift/New year gift and Parca gift. Simply bad thought through in this section, for example 15 seed of dream exchange rate for set of christmas gifts, where christmas gift 3 is literally impossible to obtain due to bug and low drop rate.
  2. Most of event content was buged or way too much time consuming to obtain ingredients, for example Deux Marble dg was pretty much only decent spot to get Santa spawn, asuming players had plenty Camouflages, for majority i can assume players where able to do only 1 free daily run. Dragon nest/Mitera fire pot buged since Santa didn't spawn or maybe it does with very low rates.
  3. No Santa spawn after killing regular monsters across different fields
  4. No Christmas Milk and Cookie drop
  5. No extra rewards exchange option, let say Shiny Rudolf rune random box (7/15/30/90 days for 100-200 seed of dream) or any other christmas themed rewards.
  6. 3 day infinite perpetuus box upgrade option with the chance to Permanent version was simply a easy cash grab from Papaya part, pretty much killed any reason to have all the dgs linked to creat Dragonic Perpetuus, i suppose to Papaya view point it was a huge PRO for their made event but one thing for sure, for the community ruined one of most important content in the game, maybe just put those boxes for sell on cash shop as perpmanent option and remove all the other dgs since clearly your pay to win scheme worked with this content.
  7. Fail rate on Parca wings, simply stupid decition, i think majority people would have prefered fixed parca gift quantities to be collected and then exchanged, like it was during Dark Arcadia wing box exchange.
  8. For the most part event had no extra boost to obtain extra seed of dreams for Christmas costume/Parca wing. The only way to get these items where by spending long hours in lower maps and killing regular monsters for seed of dreams but thats regular content wich i bealive is buged as well since in Mitera there are no Seed of Dream drop available or cash shop random box deals they had during this event.


Clearly papaya ignored suggestions that players did request. I personally did write a ingame mail to [GM]Veronica about Christmas gift/Parca Gift seperate exchange option to seed of dreams. For example. Christmas gift/Parca gift (1} exchange option to 5 seed of dreams, for Christmas gift (2) /Parca gift (3)  10 seed of dreams and for Christmas gift (3) and Parca gift (2) 15 seed of dream exchange rate. Acording to [GM]Veronica she did forward this idea to Developers and  confirmed that they are working on it but the result we never saw it, suppose content developer doesn't give the fuk what [GM]s forward.

Pretty much this event was heavy based on cash shop content, i would say only Cristmas event feel i had by doing Deux Marble daily one time free dg run. But i manage to farm enough Seed of Dreams as regular drop we have on lower maps, event had no impact what so ever on me, if seed of dream drop wasn't available....well maybe i would have obtained costume box 

How this event should have been

  1. Well for the start on every single DG there should have been  100%  santa spawn rate, wich have higher rates to get Parca gift 2 and Christmas/New year gift 3, cash should would be an alternative for those who are lazy to do dg runs anyways.
  2. There should have been Santa appearence after killing regular monsters on any field, lets say 10-15% chance but more drops add in (1.), for example Christmas Milk/Cookie drop, a chance of Shiny Rudolf rune drop.
  3. Seperate gift coin exchange option for seed of dreams Parca gift 1/Christmas/New year gift 1 to 5 seeds, Parca gift 2/New year/Christmas gift 3 for 15 seeds and Parca gift 3 and Christmas/New year gift to 10 seeds
  4. Extra reward exchange option, for example Shiny Rudolf rune random box 5/7/15/30 days for 100-200 seed of dreams. Panda Mount/Uniq Panda pet egg.
  5. Never implemented upgrade option for 3 days infinite perpetuus box to permanent version.
Rating for this event : A solid 2/10, really step down comparing to awesome Halloween event we had.


  • kazumato94kazumato94 Posts: 5Member Beginner
    8 coin drop was fk joke, i have around 2k 2,0,1 coins and drop only 3 times 8 coin xD
  • YerOldmanisHereYerOldmanisHere Posts: 170Member Trainee

    nice idea bro but sadly....

    1. As per our GM's, players had really no voice for the development of the game
    2. and GM's doesn't care too as well...
    3. Papaya as a publisher, doesn't give a fck.
    4. DEV's are blind deaf and....doesn't care as well. Event or no event. Bugs or new content. doesn't matter.
    5. In my own estimate: Certainly I wasn't aware as to how really huge it is but roughly, 60% of the current players are in the dark side courtesy of the Devs and Admins - who is currently enjoying all the 70-30 benefits of the "real game" here in Dekaron [i'm not just talking about those who had access with GMshop - if you do not know what I'm talking about, go ask your GMs.]. The other 25% of the players are dumb and ignorant who always buy anything from Papaya. 10% are exploring the door and entrance to the dark side of the force while the remaining 5% sadly, are quitting before they even begin. - so go ask yourself, on what category do you fall into?
    It's been too long since those it's too rare to stumble upon someone who really plays legit, one who has life and is aware of what's really going on. If you're new and will try to play legit, do balance of F2P and some P2W stuff - you won't survive long. Nothing is fair for sure - however, Papaya and the Devs of this game really has no sense nor principles of what is morally right and wrong. While they can claim forever that their business is business.... no one can deny that bullshit is bullshit. End of story.

    Have a taste of my Kameha-meha boom boom boom.,
    Black Wizard
  • painintheusspainintheuss Posts: 25Approved Member Beginner

    Mostly because.. we are required to spent a ridiculous amount of seeds to earn for both costume and wings..(at least you expect an increase in the seed drop rate at least for the duration of the event)..
    But also for the fact that is crazy difficult to obtain parca II token or III..and you can fail the upgrade.. Simply its not worth trying to get it.. soo yea 1/10 :)
  • Unbr34k4bleUnbr34k4ble Posts: 16Approved Member Beginner
    This in my opinion is the worst event we ever had.
    Even copy and paste of the previous christmass event would be thousand times better.
    There was nothing to do in that event. Just do few solo dgs and thats it.....
    To the drops of 2018, it is just ridiculous. Why is drop rate of other numbers 300x higher than drop rate of 8 without any extra exchange option for the other numbers? Lets say 200x2 for 1x8 or some seeds or something....
  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 188Approved Member Trainee
    Agreed. If you could exchange the other numbers for an 8 it would be much fairer. To be honest I am well and truly sick of events where it is virtually impossible to get one of the ingredients. It's just so disrespectful 
  • trokneterg6trokneterg6 Posts: 113Approved Member Trainee
    Some one know where the SAL Crystalline for the Ungula drops in the Sacret Claw?
    And where drops the Dragon Horne and the Corrupt Essence? Only at the hiden Boss where i need the Dream Powder wich i had to craft with Dragonoid signet from the ELenom Event?
    I think the Droprate is realy to low in this area. I m poor, because i had no time when the elenom event starts. So i never get a Perpetous.

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