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For the last couple of months, I can't edit my posts, so I have sent a ticket to support regarding the issue and all I got is some inadequate answers. Maybe is my browsers, higher sun activity or I am just plain stupid, so I ask community what do you think about it?
My correspondence with Papayans:

a) few months ago

I can't edit my posts lately. Please fix it. Ty

Thank you for contacting the Help Desk.
Your issue is being sent to the appropriate department for fixing.
Please know there is a time limit to editing in the forum. With this
forum, it is not possible to post today and edit the post tomorrow.
We appreciate your patience as the forum team reviews your account.

b) few days ago

I still can't edit my posts, not 10 min later, not 1h later,
not 1day later, not ever. It was all OK until few months back,
now I can't remove typos or add extra info... Any news on the issue?

Forum posts can be edited for a very short time.
The PapayaPlay forum does not allow endless editing of posts.


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