What would you change of War Rock?

[HGM]Cheerful[HGM]Cheerful Posts: 121WR Game Master Trainee
Dear troopers,

We would like to know what you would change/implement in War Rock if you could only change 1 thing.
Would it be weapons? Shop? Maps? Modes?

It would be great if you could explain why you would change that and, if you like someone's idea, please do not hesitate to like their comment so that we can see that many users agree with that.

Please, I would also like to tell everyone that being rude and impolite will result in a sanction and we will delete their post.
Note that we are all doing this to improve the game and not to receive insults or senseless-off topic comments.

Best regards.


  • vanDykevanDyke Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Dear HGM's

    If I could change one thing, I would bring the old days of sniping back. The days without deatchcam.
    Sniping used to be a game of trying to find a realy good and creative spot to shoot from. Since the deathcam was introduced this was completely killed off. Now you need to change position after every person you kill. So I would realy like to see deathcam removed or even better have it as an option when you create a room.

    Kind regards, 

    vanDyke (playing since G1)
    HOLAYCHAOEliteAiForcessosikx7[HGM]CheerfulOldDaysMuse01Fundamentp0wner1180GamersFirstNuffiiiand 3 others.
  • RosenweissRosenweiss Posts: 18Member Beginner
    Hello,I have been playing  warrock more than ten years,It has become almost four months that vertigo & papaya took control of the game however everything is getting worse day to day normally it was expected to be better.%60 of the population are coming from Turkey yet we only have two turkish admins.Also there is no solution for overclocking which is the biggest problem of this game.
    First : Fix the overclock problem..

    My advice would be that for you guys,to hire Professional management squad that would be worked with salary monthly,that would not be volunteer position,truly that is not acceptable.(Like it happened in Nexon and Gamerfirst which were the first two Publishers of warrock)And in that case communication would be better between Office workers and home game masters.
    No body has already joined us as new players at least do something try to keep that population game exists right now.

    Third: Bring back to permanent packages & weapons to itemshop.

    When you fix the overclock then make a 4vs4 clan tournament or ESL Tournaments, do livestream 

  • distortiondistortion Posts: 56Member Beginner

    complete your webshop and ranking system. then we'll talk further.

  • Cosmos95Cosmos95 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    I would change the amount of lag this game has no one likes that maybe add a physical server near NA like you have one In EU.

    Wall glitching. Just add another wall in order for it not to work. Works for other versions of Wr.

    Fps random drops. Idk how to fix that maybe it’s the servers. But I’m sure there’s a lot of players that have some idea how to fix it.

    Bring back prone to cqc. Bring back the cursing back to the game chat. For example. Fu** would automatically be changed to farg etc. I don’t rly see how the game is T and we get to shoot to kill each other with guns but can’t have some freedom in talking.

    The graphics can be updated. It’s old. I’d also like to see a more difficult play style for the more advanced people. “Veteran mode” no crosshairs no mini map and maybe no flash and m14s. This mode could also have the option to be incorporated as esl only and stick with the same things above but only esl weapons and skins.

    I’d like to see everyone uploading their own clan tags like we used to have it but it would still have to be custom made. Nothing wrong with that.

    Hire new HGMs. There’s just a few bad apples in the group that could have been replaced by better more dedicated players.

  • Sezeru61Sezeru61 Posts: 21Member Beginner
    I would like to see a new Warrock with updated graphics, updated interface, better servers and better performance something like "WARROCK RELOADED" like "Combat Arms" did it.

    Here is the "Combat Arms: Reloaded" official Trailer:

    I wish something like that. This would be refreshing the game and could bring us new players.
  • NitrouZWRNitrouZWR Posts: 150Member Trainee
    • Better Communication between Community and War Rock Team
    • More Live bans
    • Ranking System on Website
    • All the time: Old Packages on Webshop
    • "War Rock Reloaded" - sounds really good, but they need a long time for this.

  • N0HCH0N0HCH0 Posts: 309Member Trainee
    1.Better ping and are not afraid to ban high lvl hackers .

    2.In the ban list indicate the account level 

    3.A couple of days ago I had a ping of 20 and now again 50-90.
    Between me and your server is 200km.

    4.I propose to sell weapons to order. For example, any item for 50-100 euros.
  • N0HCH0N0HCH0 Posts: 309Member Trainee
    Change the kick system. 
    You can play 30 minutes in a room and then some kind of freak will throw out of the room.
  • sosikx7sosikx7 Posts: 17Member Beginner
    Just eliminate OVC... This is the biggest nightmare of WarRock. If you want new players or if you want old players to stay in WarRock fix this. Only one request. Other things slowly gets better.
  • sexstarzsexstarz Posts: 36Member Beginner
    1. Change server settings, you can change it to player to player or create a netcap, you'll be able to spot forcelaggers/netlimiters + everyone will have equal connection to the server.

    2. Return the weapon storage, this isn't papaya's fault but due to NX, loads of players have an insane amount of weapons which makes it annoyingly hard to find the weapon you want in your inventory whilst ingame unless you die in the first second of the game. It's rather an annoyance than an innovative update.

    3. Give the players more insight on how everything will be happening, show previews before implementing updates so players can give feedback before integrating something into warrock.

    4. Unfortunate but, newer players have no single way to grab decent weapons, 90% of all the players have loads of permanents and new players will have to do with stuff that expires for relatively expensive prices, give them more opportunities and easier opportunities to gain permanent guns (not necessarily famas, please stop pushing that damned gun, bring variety).

    5. Man this clansystem, it's broken. Make players able to choose their maps, enemies, bring a solution for when you face an unlegitimate clan cause once you encouter those there's no other way than just taking the lose, broken.

    6. Start kicking DE's asses, the warrock files are way too full creating loads of lagg, there's about 150.000 files in there which are legitimately un-used. Do a clean up run.

    7. In-game lagg, often caused by dead bodies, the more dead bodies the more lagg starts to exist. For some reason WarRocks rendering messes up with that.

    8. Personally I'd like to see more HGMs that are not chosen based on their lingual advantages. There's so much people out there able to offer proper and professional support but are simply not taken into consideration because of their limited languages. It's a shame these people are rejected whilst they could help out so much + maybe with this, events and promises could be made true instead of weeks later due to more manpower.

    9. Multi-core support, all WarRock versions are maintained by DE, yet Global is the only version without multi-core support. They are able to integrate this into WarRock and this should be done quickly. WarRock was made to run on the most crap PC yet people with i7s and upgraded gear aren't able to run a solid 140FPS. I myself have 8 cores in my processor yet I barely maintain 100FPS due to that only one core is being used. 

    10. Change the order of the in-game shop. The first impression is the most important one, if a new player opens the shop to scout though what this game has to offer and the first thing they see is items you can only buy for cash, it's being made a little too obvious money plays a role. You don't want to lose players because they're getting that impression.
    Ooooops, you're gone! Shocked?
  • [HGM]Cheerful[HGM]Cheerful Posts: 121WR Game Master Trainee
    edited January 9
    We really appreciate all your suggestions. However, we have asked for one single suggestion from each of you. Why? Because we would like to know what you would really really like too se in War Rock.

    Try to avoid giving four suggestions since this way we will not know if there are in any order, they were simply randomly written or whether you think that some of them are just something that you would like to see in the game, but which is not really necessary.

    We are asking for things you believe that are truly needed by the community - you guys.

    Please, also note that we are trying hard to banish hackers & overclockers from the game. We also try to fix the lag. Do not ask for new servers, etc. since this really needs to be decided by the company.

  • lythicalcuntlythicalcunt Posts: 10Member Beginner
    1 Kick System. Change that when you kick someone in lobby they cannot rejoin... It's infuriating to kick someone from room before starting and they join after start, especially hackers.

    2 Servers. I'd personally try and get better servers, or more of them if possible. Currently the one server we have ATM is not terrible, but not good either. I was in 1v1 and guy was standing still and i aimed at him precisely and shot and bullets didn't register even tho i was crouched and aiming at him(maybe 2 or 3 bullets registered) and he was able to take me down. On first couple of days of WarRock being at Papaya Play servers were perfect, every shot was registered immediately. 

    3 Pay 2 Win and Free 2 Play models. Situation ATM is (very) bad. Those who pay for characters and bonus parts get bonuses like accuracy, body and head defense, SP usage reduction etc. They have massive advantage over players without characters and it makes it unfair that they cannot purchase it by playing game alot but have to spend their real money. I know Papaya has to make money but by giving paying players massive advantages will not benefit as newcomers and poor people, or even ones who plain out don't want to pay to be able to stand a chance, will just leave.
    Same applies to weapons. Weapons such as Famas, Scar and AW50F are very overpowered to some and some say its EZ to take players who use them down. Personally they need nerf. Famas needs damage and/or recoil or ROF nerf, same for Scar. Vector could use ROF decrease but it is not major problem. AW50F should be removed from CQC like it was back in day and should remain as a BG weapon.
    Premium should offer advantages like More EXP, Dinar etc. but Papaya has to rethink. What they could do is make every weapon F2P so everyone can buy them but at a higher (way higher) price tag for those weapons that currently require premium. Let's say: There is gun A. Currently it is premium only weapon. Costs 20000 dinar for 1 month. F2P can receive it from MS Keys or normal G/P Keys. If Papaya implemented this system i mentioned, it would be like this: Gun A is F2P, for F2P, 1 month of it costs 30000-50000 dinar for a month. For Premium users it still costs 20000 dinar a month. It would give players reason to play to level up to unlock that great weapon. Also players should be able to buy more than 67 days of a weapon like back in days (I remember buying combat knife for 400 days LOL, and now I can only for 67 days).

    4. Weapon Balancing. I mentioned famas, scar and aw50f in 3. section of my post but not to make this too long(which I already did), just more weapons require balancing(famas, scar and aw50f are just examples).

    5. Game engine. KWR, maybe PHWR support multi-core rendering, while International version does not. This causes big issues for people with lower end hardware like me(AMD e-450 on laptop and Intel C2D E5300 on PC). Even i7 7700k on stock speeds cannot maintain 140 fps at all times as demonstrated in ChocoQ's video. Another thing besides multi-core rendering is that we need FPS and Game Logic to be separated. For example, I myself play at around 40ish fps with drops in 4v4, and it causes massive issues, I cannot bunnyhop as far as someone with 140 fps, I cannot jump as high(most obvious in most far back boxes on marien where you cannot jump onto marien window platform) or the worst thing, I cannot shoot as fast as someone with 140 FPS. This creates big issues, and lots of OVC accusations because most players play at 60hz monitors and do not know they arent running at 140 fps but at like 70 for example and they say that someone is OVCing because the other person has 140 fps and shoots faster.

    6. Room options. We should see more room options as well as removal of some, I'm looking at you Big Head. Now removal of big head would cause bit of outbreak because most people who are higher lvl just grind BH mode to get easy KD and EXP while grinding on new players causing them to leave. Or just make this a ACTUAL EVENT, unlike it is ATM. We should see ESL options, where all characters are taken off, only slots 1-4 available with ESL weapons (to help with list of ESL guns, ESL has them on their page if it isn't taken off). It would just not show your non-ESL guns in weapon list and if you do not posses any ESL weapons (noob) you would be forced to play with default gun(mp5, k2 etc.).
    Another room option we should see is more level restrictions, we have 1-10 11+ 21+ 31+...
    Maybe we should see it customizable like we can choose anything, even create 1-24 rooms for prime example. Or at least add 11-21, 21-31, 11-31 etc, as it is infuriating to be forced to play against overly high levels who are way better or spam overpowered guns like famas.

    7. Software overclock. I am not going to say anything 'bout it as it says everything for itself.

    I could go on but I am going to, to save your time and sanity :D
    I'll post more in future but this is a nice and healthy start.

  • xRageZxRageZ Posts: 0Member Beginner
    @Sezeru61 Combat Arms made it "RELOADED" so they can get the players back, but when it was done, 80% of the players left Combat Arms, and now they're discussing to get the classic Combat Arms back. so i don't think that this would be a good idea..
    Anyway, I wish we can customize our weapons and by that i mean the ability to add/remove scopes/suppressors to our guns.
    We all got bunch of weapons that we don't use because of the scopes/suppressors...
  • xRageZxRageZ Posts: 0Member Beginner
    I wish that we could customize our weapons, and by that i mean the ability to add/remove scopes/suppressors to our weapons.
  • FundamentFundament Posts: 32Member Beginner

    I'm writing this to present you some of my suggestions on how to make this game better.

    -LAG - As I can see now the lag problems are not caused by server, but players who either are playing very far from the server or are making lag by themselves, manually in order to get advantage ("force lagging"). It would be very nice if players had option like on G1 to set the ping limitation (they had green/red ping option). For example 130 ms limit and when players create rooms they can choose PING LIMIT: on/off. That way "laggers" will play with each other and normal players can enjoy the clean and enjoyful gameplay. That would make players come back to this game and that would partly fix that damn lag. I am aware that you are not thinking right now of making new servers due to not that big playerbase, but playerbase will get even smaller if you don't make some changes about this. 
    -Game should be advertised. Maybe added on steam or idk. But I don't really see anyone doing something about making playerbase grow? I don't blame anyone from WR team for this, including LGMs and HGMs. They are doing their job well. I think that papaya play as a company should have employees who would do such thing for their each game. 
    -Stats on Characters/Costumes/Skins - those should really be removed or several characters should be buyable for dinar. Those characters are making game unbalanced and P2W in some way. Characters are OP enough with their slim bodies. If only parts would give advantage stats , that'd be much better. If removing them is not a good idea for you, then If for example gina has accuracy+ then other characteristics should be -, for example less stamina but better accuracy, or less weight but more fall damage or idk some combinations which would probably be better inovated by your logistic team than from me. The characters should have also their cons, not only pros if you don't want to sell em' for dinar or tottaly remove their stats.
    -It would be nice if players could turn off deathcam for their rooms, like option DEATHCAM: enable/disable.
    -Here comes something that DEs could do, ofc If majority from team like this idea :). ESL mode - ON/OFF. Hmmmmm? Would be absolutely great if such mode get added to the game? By esl mode I mean only ESL stuff is visible and usable when that mode is turned on. I think that there's no need to further explain how whole playerbase would react if this mode perhaps get implemented one day :)
    -Adding more guns in game, balancing existing ones so that more guns and items are being used in game. Adding more achievements, motivate players to play different modes, branches, guns.. Adding more maps for BG, CQC and PvE. Adding more modes. More in game events, btw forum events are really nice!
    -Not that important, but could be easily changed. It would be better if we could see the exact time of itmes that we have for specific long period (idk if it's 3000 days+, I'm talking about items which duration is 3000+ or idk how much, but system shows em' as permanent).
    -There's not that much to say about OVC as it was said that team is working with DE and EAC on solution for totally stopping this kind of cheating. The reason I mentioned this, is to notice you on something that is not that known by majority, but I will let the relevant persons know about it in private message if they don't already know about it. OVC
    -Optimizing game - game should be optimized if there's any way, so that it uses more than 1 core. Many I5 users are having bad fps drops. I hope that relevant persons are aware of this and know what am I talking about, so there's no need to give further explaination.

    At the end I'd like to thank and congratulate you for changes you made since WR moved to papaya! :)

  • GelberGelber Posts: 17Member Beginner
    I REALLY REALLY want to eliminate Overclock! (after that fix ping laggs from BR/IL/CHILE/TR etc)
    Its the biggest problem of WarRock.

    Regards, Gelber.
  • GamersFirstGamersFirst Posts: 4Member Beginner
    We need better web shop with nice offers. I'm not asking for selling permanent stuff, but better offers.
  • lemonylemony Posts: 50Member Beginner

    Always1st <3
  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 180Member Trainee
    Only 1 thing lol. Okay here is 1 thing, its called "fixing the game" and it contains:
    -Free2play model (pay2win in 2018 LOL, smh)
    -Lag/Performance fix
    and the list goes on, but I won't list it all, these 2 are most important for sure.

    Game advertising, introducing wr to new players would be HUGE mistake right now, the game needs to be fixed first, otherwise new players will come and NEVER come back. If they fix the game then sure, something like Steam would be great.
  • UraniumWRUraniumWR Posts: 16Member Beginner
    Re-add the weapon storage.
    "ým thýnk ým know what ýs best for thýs game" -Every WarRock player ever.
  • RockyBalbulaRockyBalbula Posts: 22Member Beginner
    -New zombie maps
    -Rush mode
    -New achievements and rewards for 4800+ AP

  • pedrocnppedrocnp Posts: 6Member Beginner
    Improve the Game Engine. Why? It use a very old technology using only a single core in the era of multicores. Adapting it to multicore technology will fix a lot of performance problems giving the opportunity for returning players of get a good taste and maybe back to play more often.

    WarRock always had cheaters and ovcers, we all know but when you tried to play and saw that other games with better graphics run smoother you won't play again this game.

    Regards and hope you could do something before this game finally death.
  • TheBaroTheBaro Posts: 13Member Beginner
    Just bring new servers for american and indian players.That will be enough. No need for better graphic or maps.
  • ikPl448ikPl448 Posts: 46Member Beginner
    More zombie content.
  • NuffiiiNuffiii Posts: 143Member Trainee
    A selectable, working "Ping-Limit" when you create a room. Which should be enforced during the active match.
  • xNeekoxNeeko Posts: 0Member Beginner
    1 thing...

    Performance, performance, performance... 

    The fact that people with modern systems can't maintain 140 fps in 16 player CQC rooms is just pathetic. No one wants to play a laggy game, regardless of p2w, unbalanced weapons, cheaters or anything else.
    If the core of the game isn't even working properly, which is proper performance, no one wants to play.
  • o00oo0oo00oo00oo0oo00o Posts: 10Member Beginner
    Update the Jingo engine to multicore support, like other versions of WR have.
    #140 fps for everyone

  • pipinal10pipinal10 Posts: 25Member Beginner
    The main thing to fix:
    -Performance issues (lagg and fps), I play at 40 to 60 fps. The drops are constant.

    We DO NOT need more weapons, maps or feautures yet.
  • [HGM]MaskedMan[HGM]MaskedMan Posts: 80WR Game Master Beginner

    That wouldn't work so much anymore due to the game being Peer2Server instead of Peer2Peer
  • thebabythebaby Posts: 14Member Beginner
    -Lag/Performance fix --- the game does NOT feel smooth even if I have 139fps. 
    Multi-core support? ;)

    + advertise the game
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