Gm Shop True?

SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 239Approved Member Trainee
Im not sure if gm shop is true or not but thing can be edit. If its true then Papaya staff should makes Mc3 obtainable for everyone without banning ppl use their real money to get it. And boost god dangggg upgrade for Helpyron gear please so everybody can soon be the same page with gm shop ppl. I know some ppl quit because the upgrade of helpyron gears and random stat on it. Please make shizz right for ppl that pissed off the GM Shop fk up the server.

Beloved Soju


  • ShirololShirolol Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    Hacks are real yes, the only part that GMs had to play was watching people buy these items and not doing anything about it. Other than that, the name "gm shop" is just hyperbole.

    Also keep in mind that this particular method of hacking has been around since early 2 moons, it's just most people didn't realise until now.. So it effects quite a bit more than mc3s and helpyron items.

    That being said, I too hope that the GMs do something more than saying they are aware of it - it has been a very underwhelming response from them so far considering how serious this issue is.
  • ExiledHyrbidExiledHyrbid Posts: 3Member Beginner
    Oh i found this,
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