Anyone else not able to buy UWC?

mtull41278mtull41278 Posts: 1Member Beginner
Ok here's a weird one. Can't buy UWC, Says I Don't meet the requirements, yet I am level 40/36/36 and have bought hundreds of dollars of UWC before. Anyone else had this happen?


  • YinYangSpartyYinYangSparty Posts: 32Member Beginner
    I can no longer buy uwc aswell, it says my card is declined for security reasons. I have just used the same card a day before with no problems. It is disappointing if they don't fix it soon
  • Gilligan8567Gilligan8567 Posts: 116Member Trainee
    You need to be logged into the game in order to make a purchase and I had a similar issue where my card was declined because Xsolla wanted to be sure it was me making the purchases, but also my bank was not recognizing Xsolla until I verified everything with them, after that I have had no issues on either end. Hope this helps.
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  • YinYangSpartyYinYangSparty Posts: 32Member Beginner
    I am loged into the game, I have also bought $150 worth of uwc with my card before they suddenly could not process my payment. It is very annoying and entirely on papayas side
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