Why i can only acess to dekaron with a vpn?

Lrom94Lrom94 Posts: 25Approved Member Beginner
i only can acess the website and the game with a vpn wtf... i leave the game for 2 month and now i cant do anything


  • northeastazunortheastazu Posts: 188Approved Member Trainee
    Is your access restricted due to the country you live in? 
  • Lrom94Lrom94 Posts: 25Approved Member Beginner
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 346Approved Member Intermediate
    30% of players use VPN to play because they disconnect when try to play normally. It's a problem with game server which they refuse to fix (ex GM informed me that they will not fix it, because it's not their issue but rather of the hosting company they rent server space from).
    Anyway, never admit that, because they will ban you for it (one of my lower chars got banned like that)!
  • [DK]Gismo[DK]Gismo Posts: 232DK GameMaster, Approved Member Trainee
    If you would like to spend some time to gather some data, please visit this post made by Elanin.

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