Veteran Input?

kittsokittso Posts: 14Member Beginner
Hi, guys!

I'm semi-new to LaTale (as in I haven't ever gone past level 180). I've been messing around with various classes. I absolutely hate dying in game (I know it happens; I just don't want to be overly squishy, ya know?). I would give up dps for def any day. So, naturally, I rolled a knight! My question is...will it even matter end game? I don't know how soloing and monsters are in the end game here. Will I need a party no matter my def? I like to solo a lot and was looking for a class that would let me do stuff on my own if I couldn't find a party (esp since I don't know anyone in game much yet). Thoughts? Thanks, everyone! :) 


  • BigAshBigAsh Posts: 514Member Intermediate
    I'll be honest here. If you want to ever reach end game. you will either be spending countless hours farming Ely to get an attempt at getting stronger, or you will be spending to get ahead faster.
    And that's pretty much with any class.

    This document has a short description of each class.

    Also, I'm sure others will come to give you an even shorter explanation.

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  • PineapplecakesPineapplecakes Posts: 51Member Beginner
    Yup, pretty much what BigAsh said. While I did not get a tanky character all the way to end game, I can talk a little about mid game on one.

    If preventing damage is really important to someones goal then it is possible to reduce HP loss down to a manageable level. BUT and this is a very big one, eventually the choice will come down to getting more DEF or getting more damage stats. Sacrificing dps for DEF is already a tough call to make but it gets even harder because almost all the higher level monsters begin to hit like trucks past a certain point.

    So I would say early to mid game yes but mid to late game, probably not but I cant say for sure.
  • PineapplecakesPineapplecakes Posts: 51Member Beginner
    DEF: Defensive stats, Stamina, Def, Magic Def, Static Def.
  • kittsokittso Posts: 14Member Beginner
    Thank you, guys! That answered my question. :) I may as well just play something I think is pretty cool then. The knight is kinda basic/boring so far. x.x I don't mind spending a little on a game just like I would any other form of entertainment. I don't spend crazy, though, but I reckon that's when farming comes in! I appreciate all of the help. ^.^
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