[DK]Gismo idea's "What if Costumes were Costumes and Wings were just Wings"

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Since all other Forum Category is dead....I copied the link and posted here so that everyone may and will know.


personally, I like the idea, let's just hope that it will be approve and be implemented soon...I mean atleast within this year not after a decades. I want to use my wedding wings/costume set - as a Wizard, looks cool for me. xD

1. All old useless wings & costumes will have a new purpose
2. No one can tell what stats are you using not unless you tell them. - feels like old times
3. Just awesome. Plain awesome

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    On the surfice it sounds an awesome idea old costumes/wings finally will have new use but seems he didn't list cons at all and knowing how our managment team... they love overpriced random boxes.

    1) It seems like an easy way to cash grab. Basically idea would be that wings/costumes that we paid with the stats would be wiped clean and surprize surprize make new options through crest, basically  2nd level payment for already paid content.

    2) And if you think that crest from dg/quests will be one of best to farm even with low rates... guess what they will do same random box bulsh1t as they doing in Korea and knowing our past and current publisher they will go even more greedy and put them in platinum/gold boxes. The gems  we can farm from dgs come with extremly low rates, for example 5% crit dmg reduction gem from Underground Temple, meanwhile 6% version can't be farmed because it was exclusive for gold box, simalar to many other content.

    Overall im more like against this idea but it doesn't matter because they trying to earn as much from old content as can and now instead making new design for new product they gonna bring this, give option to clean old item and spend extra to get desired stats.

    Ofcourse i might be wrong but till now my speculation came true. Also they could do it right but that means same content has to be available both cash shop and from field/dg drops but nothing indicate that it will happen since most of our gems nowdays are pretty much available at lower grade from dg drop meanwhile cash shop has better value.
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    @ShadowAlokenLV yep. You're probably right.

    1. They must allow all users to transfer the stats of any costume to a certain gem WITHOUT any sorts of failure rate or random shit that they all love.

    Players SHOULD NOT be ask to pay for the stats that we already PAID for i.e Wukong Costume etc. etc.

    GISMO...you better be reading this.

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