Vertigo laughing in our faces

MPVshotMPVshot Posts: 71Approved Member Beginner
So I watched the Blackshot GLOBAL AMA and something funny stuck out to me about it we kept hearing about how they wanted to balance the game and make things fair and stuff but as we can see you release MSR  phoenix into the game which is a 1 shot like MSR omega.... then you don't balance the gun but instead release 2 new colours of the same gun with the same OP 1 hit stats??? 
All this talk about balance and not allowing people to be OP because of their wallets but honestly the comments made about needing time to balance weapons and that is why they are released in goldboxes only and not sold permanent is just a lie because even after you can see how OP MSR phoenix is you release it AGAIN twice
Just my opinion I am the communities flamer and rager kid so yeah have a nice day everyone
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