Patch Notes 1.18 - Arcadia West

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Hello Heroes, 

Here are today's patch notes:

- Arcadia is open now. You can access to the new area from NPC Arcadia Messenger (location: South Ardeca). 

Warning: We strongly recommend everyone have Arcadia's Protection when entering to the area. 
(You can get it from the NPC if you pay 20x Seed of Dream. It's also available in D-Shop) 

- Monsters appear only in the West of Arcadia.

- You can get Arcadia Tokens which you can exchange with various items including Crimson Cloud (******) at the NPC.

- All illegit items in-game have been permanently deleted from the game. The investigation on those who possess or create them continues. 

See more details with nicer presentation at:

Best regards, 

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