Red Empire

Red Empire is a company based in Venice. We have awesome players in all categories, 
At Trade, we do some of the most advanced trades who can be seeing in uwo. 
Adventure, we count with rare plunder item & very wise adventurers. Most of the astronomy discoveries comes form our adventurers.
Maritimer. We are currently training our skills. This is a Maritimer oriented Co. Do not forget that.
OFC we count with Shipbuilder too.
Como with us learn of the best players & wise players on this server.
Discover the advantages of Venice nation too.
Enjoy the game & ofc make Venice strong.



  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    More info to be found on
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    Hope this link works editting is still not possible...
  • genefreak5genefreak5 Posts: 5Member Beginner
    Amazing! Now, this is how companies should be.

    I would love to join such company with a well-defined goal but I'm Portuguese.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 815Member Intermediate
    i'm read the rules for your company. Since you ONLY accept Venice and it's against your rules to defect, does this mean you don't have 7 nation sbers? Or is it that if you want to join then you have to go though all the other nations for investing first before joining?
    IGN: Samantha99
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    That is correct, we do not have any 7 nation sbers.
  • SpooklesSpookles Posts: 282Member Intermediate
    Company requirements have slightly changed.

    You need to have a minimum battle level of 40.

    That said, we currently have a couple open slots and looking for maritimers.
  • jingglebelljingglebell Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Errrrrr, did the requirements change again? Does it include cursing and swearing when one does not get what one wants.
  • purplepiratepurplepirate Posts: 815Member Intermediate
    @jingglebell you need to add 'Badgering and insultive behavior' to that list lol
    IGN: Samantha99
  • NaverUWONaverUWO Posts: 84Member Beginner


    We are recruiting new members now!! Feel free to check or for more details.
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  • crazyhunter2003crazyhunter2003 Posts: 740Member Intermediate
    R.I.P. Red Empire
  • LyonesseJosephLyonesseJoseph Posts: 624Member Intermediate
    Maybe it's time for RE members learn their lesson for trusted Naver because it's not 1st time that he dismantled company. You might want to make sure you never make him a leader of that company ever again lol.
  • barrett190barrett190 Posts: 2Member Beginner
    ^ Holy words, dear Giuseppe
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