Buggshot since 2k14

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I was playing in buggshot last few days but this game became literally unplayable and im not saying that there r so many buggs or cheaters that i would not handle , its just the "way" that Blackshot developers headed for ... . The main problem in the game is that developer became more and more greedy and turned back from the community . Blackshot was indeed a great game which i liked to loose my time in but since 2k14 game was changed from medium-balanced to mayhem . Im not saying that the game wasn't pay to win that time before 2k14 cuz it would be pure lie , but it required some skill to play good , game wasnt forcing player to buy OP stuff for real cash game was forcing player to improve him/herself and that was the goal . For now when im looking at blackshot  i perceive  that game is no more pay to win game became pay to handle OP .

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