A way to fix afk farming

For some reason, in this server afk farming using a pet is not allowed. The reasons as to why this is the case still evade me. Similarly, I could argue that half-bagies should not use their reflection buff, as it adds an advantage. Pets are class-specific and for a good reason. CS and summoners use poison attack and virtually all (or at least the majority) of creatures have a high poison resistance. This is why a pet is beneficial. If I people are not allowed to leave their characters afk with a pet summoned, why not just remove pets all together? It seems only logical that this would be the next step.
To make matters worse, afk farm banning seems to be very selective. There are individuals I have been seeing doing this for weeks. To be clear, I am not arguing that afk farming should be against the rules - I think its rediculous that this is the case. However, since I doubt that papaya will change its position on this, I propose the following:

Introduce a timer on pets. Just like buffs have a time they stay active for, after which they dissapear, pets could have a timed existance - say 30 min, or 1 hour. Thus, an afk afrmer would not be able to amass large quantities of exp or items. There would also be a warning sign that the pet is about to die in cases where the player is active and the pet is helping - allowing the user to plan ahead and re-summon. A similar framework could be implemented on item garthering pets.

Best case scenario, papya would realise that their position is badly damaging the game and revise their rules. However, since this is unlikely to happen, I believe my proposal has the potential of seeing a reduction in banned players. This game, being a multiplayer-based game, requires a community, and a reduction in the community can only have negative effects on the game experience overall.

Any thoughts for improvement, identified gaps, or any commets are more than welcome. It is my sincere hope that this post will create a discussion on the issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post,


  • yyyooopyyyooop Posts: 0Member Beginner
     sed4561: "Introduce a timer on pets. Just like buffs have a time they stay active for, after which they dissapear, pets could have a timed existance - say 30 min"
    problem solved - so simply ... maybe to simply to become real
  • ScantronMachineScantronMachine Posts: 6Member Beginner
    How about add a crazy amount of more enemies? This could actually make players have to play and instead of afk. There could also be a feature for afk too long and take super critical damage from enemies?
  • IgrindIgrind Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Hy all.

    returning old player here. AFK summoner pet farming was always a subject since the game released on NA as 2moons and later on EU and switch companies multiple times till now. Before u had Non-PK server this was not an issue. U just PK the summoner and problem solved :)

    Since there is a Non-PK server it is harder since they do it with AOE pet and summoner will survive even if u lure a lot mob on it cause pet will take the aggro and soul link will save the owner.

    Increasing the mob count wont help at all, since max 3 mob can aggro the player and 3 extra on the pet. That is why ppls made 1 segnale and 5 summoner AFK Python farm train in Action 4. PPls paied for the segnale to inv them in pt and be there afk on her azz. Seggy got all the loot, summys got the exp. :)

    Many game solving AFK problem such as ArcheAge, WoW, etc. If u goes afk, after X min u will be kicked out of game. But it is not a big deal to prevent beeing afk.

    Same goes if the summoner goes afk, then disable the pet to be able to attack. Easy to bypass this as a user.
    It require a 2-3 line of script code, depend on language, and if wana be sure the game server never ever will cath u on doing this, then u can do this under 10 line of code... ^^

    Major issue are those segnales who have 3-4 alt chars stick to theyr azz and using macro / script to auto cast CF, HH, other aoe skills and buffs to farm exp. Last time when i was playing on dekaron i saw thise ppls in crespo near DG in public, and also saw them in dead land. :) This should be BANNED cause it is against the rules. using 3rd pt softwares. :)
    Those chars for sure never got banned. :D

    IMHO afk summoners should be allowed, since they not gona do any impact on economy. Did u ever counted how much exp the summoner can grind as AFKING? :D
    I know runes help a lot. Then just make a lill bit change on game. If pet kill a mob the runes wont trigger at all, but then summoners and CS will QQ a lot, cause on active gameplay they loes exp by this... So to solving a problem like this is hard. Usualy have to choice the smallest bad thing....

    Best regards,
    Action 4 fan
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