Dekaron 2018 Plan_Feb. 9th 2018

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Hello Heroes, 

We'd like to share the content/event plan of Dekaron for 2018 here starting with reminding you of the current promotions in-game and re-emphasizing the significance of the major issues that haven't been unresolved.

First - the current status of one of the most concerned issues
We've removed all the items that we didn't released yet. Our next step is to identify all the items that have been 'affected' by these illegit items and recover the damages for those unwillingly involved in the hacking activities. 

The developer team has been through many changes but they have been newly set up with more experts from other major game companies and they are very eager to deal with the unsolved in-game issues more than anything. We also look forward to work with the new team and we'll do our best to help them with all the information and investigation results. 

Second - ongoing events
Arcadia West will be open throughout 2018 unless otherwise notified. 
However, the rewards will be changed time to time. 

Arcadia Token: Normal's drop had been stopped but the other items/materials are still available now. Depending on this event's demand, it may continue maximum 1 week after the Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year. 

Please also see this post for more information of the Valentine's event:

Third - Dekaron 2018
2018 will be the year of ACT 21. But we won't release all the content at once like last year. Every month, we'll provide new content and events along with it, and we'll try to fix any issue found with the content before moving onto next. 

The details of the plan will be discussed with the devs this week and they'll be confirmed soon.

Hope to share more details soon and thank you for your continued support on Dekaron.

Best regards,

GM Waldo

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