ancien account

cerbassocerbasso Posts: 1Member Beginner
hello papaya play and hello blackshot
my player now is cerBasso. and im from frensh my age is 20 ans .23/08/1998.
my problem is ; last time i have a player .
_its name; M4FLOVER.
_rank; 2litieunent.
but i have 2 problem.
_problem1_M4FLOVER is banned.
_problem2_im blocked email.
my blocked email is /
and my new email is /
pliz How can I retrieve my players and my old account 
pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz   pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz  pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz 
i love my old player and i love blackshot.


  • UWOJibiDehUWOJibiDeh Posts: 11Member Beginner
    Il ne faut pas montrer vos informations personnels sur un site ouvert. Vous pouvez contacter Papaya en cliquant 'support'. Je vous racommand de les prier d'enlever cet message
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