WTS MLA Ticket!!!

bigsmooth1269bigsmooth1269 Posts: 7Member Beginner
WTS MLA Ticket

Looking for mainly Cheques, Delphin sails, CIGPs, AESCs, Black Rong Fu

I am NOT interested in ANY of the current in-game ships nor do I have the time to resell them!

Please Reply your offer and contact info here, or message me through the website, as I do not have much time to play in game....

Don't bother contacting me if your offer isn't 50b+ and/or doesn't include Black Rong Fu!!

Thank you



  • bigsmooth1269bigsmooth1269 Posts: 7Member Beginner
    CLOSED.. There is nothing worthwhile to trade for on this server. I have no interest in any of these "g6 ALR or Modified Real, or FNLs" as they will be obsolete in 2 months. I will be taking time off from the game due to disgust of the management and a busy personal life. Hopefully when I return the game will still be alive, and the hosts will be done milking us all with these crappy Capt Ticket ships, and finally put in some real actual endgame PvP ships worth trading for and actually worth spending NC parts on.. Fingers crossed, but unlikely.
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