Return of Luke Coolhair

After i learned about the server wipe, i decided to return to the game.  It sucks that everything i worked for has gone down the drain.  However, if it wasn't for the wipe, i probably wouldn't have returned. 

Previously, I was an all nations R20 Shipbuilder.  I wasn't the first to convert to ottoman but i was in the first small percentage and i converted twice, just because i wanted to get all nation shipbuilder.  I was however the first to flip ambon to ottoman even though it only lasted a day but that was still cool.  I was primarly focused on maritime and being able to hold my ground.  There were plenty of times i went to Ambon and there was always pirate lurking there.  So i would immediately switch over to my warship and put up a fight.  When NC ships became popular, i was one of the few to get the modified special frigate.  I really loved that ship and refused to give it up even though there were better ships out there.  After i reached lvl 65 for mairtime, i retired from the game.  I attempted to come back to level up more when they raised the level caps but i just didn't feel like getting in to it.  My other skills were mostly trade and casting.  I did some adventuring but not alot. 

This time around, i'm going to be doing shipbuilding again.  I don't know if i'll go all the way to R20, i guess it depends how often i catch a skill 2x event.  I'm trying to get the oxford skill for shipbuilding.  When oxford came out last time, i didn't need it.  I'm also grinding out battle again and will try to be proficient on melee. I sorta want to do more adventure this time but i don't know if i'll be able to focus it all on this character.  I kinda hate having multiple characters.  I like to focus on one.  If anything, i'll just designate a second character for crafting and trading.  Last time, i tried to do adventurer on another character but ended up doing some adventuring on my main, because i wanted to do some dungeons.

My first company previously was brotherhood of destruction located in genoa.  I can't remember the leader's name but the company fell in my lap and i moved it to lisbon.  I didn't have time to run a company so i abandon it and joined a different one called casey.  I met some good friends in that company so i stuck with it and was pretty loyal.  At one point i got invited to Sea Legion and i was heavily considering it and felt honored but i declined.  I didn't want to abandon my company.  Shortly after, sea legion started falling apart and other maritime guilds were popping up.  A company called PAC showed up, and i was invited to that too but i declined.  I did however did mock battles with them and had a blast. 

Thats all for this log., i'm tired  I don't know how often i'll keep it up to date.  Thanks for reading if anyone is reading this. 



  • schro69schro69 Posts: 37Member Beginner
    I hope you decided to keep playing!
    “The danger of venturing into uncharted waters is not nearly as dangerous as staying on shore, waiting for your boat to come in.” - Charles F. Glassman
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