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To increase our in-game activities and player communications, Team Uncharted Waters would like to recruit several Community Advisors at this time.


1) A minimum of 2 years of experience playing UWO; experiences from many UWO servers including GAMA and Asian servers are an asset.
2) Must have extensive gameplay knowledge. Multidisciplinary experience is an asset (e.g., extensive experience in both battle and trade, etc.). 
3) Must have a genuine passion for answering questions and helping others. Must be dedicated to answering questions that players are asking in world chats or private message and able to take responsibility.
4) Must be courteous and possess an even temperament and free from biases against other players, companies, nations, playstyles, and other walks of life. 
5) Strong preference to players who haven't caused or been involved in trouble/controversy in the past.

What CAs Do

1) Assist players in-game by answering questions related to the game and giving advice.
2) Keep an eye on open chats and forum for monitoring players and cease out possible conflicts with taking responsibilities.
3) Provide advice, experience and expertise to GM (when solicited) about in-game events. 
4) Be able to clearly explain game mechanics, and answer questions about those mechanics as needed. 
5) Serve honourably as a representative of the playerbase to the GM, and vice versa. 
6) Report bugs, crashes, other malfunctions and illegal activities to GMs as those events occur and communicate information about current status of those events when appropriate to do so. 
7) Suggest events and minor changes that would be enjoyable and well-received by the playerbase. 
8) Help GM to ensure that UWO runs smoothly and that all players have a safe and enjoyable experience. 
9) Treat all players with respect at all times.

What CAs Don't Do

1) Abuse their position for their own gains, try to advance their character/company/nation, or attempt to reshape the game to be advantageous to their personal preferences/playstyle/etc. 
2) Show disrespect to GMs, CAs or other Papaya staff. 
3) Cause unnecessary disputes or drama in game, on forums, on game-related social media or on third-party sites. 
4) Share confidential information with friends, company mates or other players. 
5) Fix bug issues in-game. 
6) Deal with billing issues with players.

How to Apply
Complete the application form here.

Application Period
February 22nd to 3 PM, March 15th (PST).

Screening Process
Only successful applicants will be contacted and moved onto the next step.

There will be a 3-month probation period once selected as a CA. Those who fail to meet the requirements/qualifications as a CA, or who think they are not suitable for this position may be released from the duty.

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