Say Hello to the New Community Advisors!

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Ahoy Captains,

We are happy to announce that 3 new Community Advisors will take part in our Community Support Team as of today: [CA]BlakeC[CA]BlueSiren and [CA]Alianore!

Many of you will recognize these CAs and know their responsibilities, but for the rest of you, their roles are the following:
・Generally assist players in-game
・Report bugs/illegal activities to GMs
・Collect feedback and suggest improvements to GMs
・Monitor the in-game public chat

So, in order to get to know them better, here is the short introduction of our CAs:

How long you have played UWO:
I've been playing straight since 2013 aside from a couple of breaks.

Things you are good at in the game:
Trading, crafting, adventure, shipwrecks & nanban

Things you have achieved for the community:
I used to volunteer as a Firstmate back on OGplanet, which lasted for a little over a year. We were tasked to help new players out, answer questions, and seeing them through. I was quite good at it. But I think it's time I stepped up to the plate and flex my arms a bit more and see what I can help out for UWO. I also contribute quite a bit to the site Ivyro.

How long you have played UWO:
I have been playing UWO for five years.

Things you are good at in the game:
I am an adventurer that loves maritime. I also love running through dungeons. 

Things you have achieved for the community:
I have helped mentor new players and my company mates. I also work with the French Council to help organize our activities in the game. I encourage everyone to find what they enjoy in the game.

How long you have played UWO:
I have been playing for 7 years as of this past March back when GPotato was one of the game's hosts.

Things you are good at in the game:
I would like to think that my primary game skills are primarily adventure-related. My friends in game like to tease me when I complain about inventory problems that I could easily fix that if I threw away some of the archive maps that I am always carrying. However, when my company needs me, you can find me running the occasional trade run, helping out in the dungeons, or providing battle support.

Things you have achieved for the community:
Things that I have achieved for the community, in the past (and currently) creating and maintaining my blog on search plunder and shipwrecks, I wrote a few adventure guides for the old forum on the in-game holiday events, guides for some of the older updates such as Xanadu, and served for two years as a CA and three years as a Firstmate... the latter program I co-managed during my time as a CA. Most importantly, I look forward to the new opportunities to assist the players and game!

See you all on the Seas!
-Team Uncharted Waters

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