Dil Cap

I think the Dil cap that we currently have should be reworked or just completely removed altogether. Having a dil cap makes it extremely difficult to buy anything without having to trade items as well, especially for some lower level players or players that can not make gear. I think removing the dil cap and allowing us to hold as much as we can would be a huge step foward. It might not solve all the problems with the marketplace or the insanely high prices but it's a start. I just wanted to share my thoughts and ideas and see what everyone else thinks.


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    You can trade 100m dil into 1 platinum bullion at Sinan in Ardeca, they stack to 10 and a full trade window is 50 slots - so that can be up to 50b max in bullions. That will be more than enough for any trade you make at low levels. :P

    The dil cap is mainly implemented to limit the damage of possible exploits and to keep the prices lower by making it extremely inconvenient to trade over a certain amount, removing the limit would do nothing but potentially destroy the market even more and let dupers literally get infinite dil in seconds next time an exploit is found. (And it would be much harder to track stacks of dil and where it came from compared to a physical item in your inventory that has an ID etc.)

    At least now even a character FULL of duped bullions can only afford a few high tier items, and that's not only easier to find for the GMs, it takes effort and time to make all the bullions and there's a limit to the amount of damage he can do each time he dupes. (And each time he does it, makes it more likely he'll get caught.) If there was no cap to dil, an exploiter could have an endless supply of dil with 0 effort, instantly, could obscure it from sight much easier and would ruin the game overnight with no way to fix it after the damage was done.

    I know what you mean about the bullions and the dil cap though, it's definitely far from perfect.. But just thought you might want to know there is at least some reasoning behind it - beyond making your life more difficult for fun. A small increase in max dil allowed in your bags/trades would help small trades maybe, but in the big picture it doesn't really help anything being able to hold 8b instead of 4b for example. They even doubled our max holdable dil from 2b to 4b fairly recently, and now the same posts and comments are coming back about the cap - so clearly it doesn't solve anything even for new players..

    The problem with the market isn't that the cap makes it difficult to trade the high prices, it's that something (dil buyers with no concept of prices and too much money, dupers etc) push the prices so high in the first place - we need to fix the root cause of the problem, not just keep putting bandages over it and hoping it fixes itself.
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