Naples United - A company for your alt

GrayBeardGrayBeard Posts: 0Member Beginner
Do you need a company to park an alt where it can sell produces in a company store?

We're here for you at Naples United.

No Drama, no issues, no monthly donations no pressure.

A place for production alts to sell food or other items. Naples is a surprisingly busy port where things like food and other production goods sell well. Because there are not so many companies, your stuff is easier to find than items listed in larger towns.

New players doing school quest, shipbuilders, and players traveling back and forth to dungeons in Eygpt all stop at Naples.

If you need a place to park an alternate feel free to park it in Naples United. If you are a regular player looking for a low-pressure company, well you're welcome too. 


  • genefreak5genefreak5 Posts: 5Member Beginner
    That's a cool company. Very effective sales pitch Gray! :)
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