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Brief introduction:

This topic will specifically tell, what counts as a bug and what does not count as a bug. It will go in detail about specific locations in the game, and also about techniques that are considered not allowed in-game. Abusing bugs in the game which are listed as not allowed in this topic, will result in a temporary suspension of your account. For more information about that, please check out our post on ban rules here.

What is a bug?

A bug (sometimes also referred to as a 'glitch' or an 'exploit') is a mistake in the game that can be abused by a player to gain an advantage in certain situations.

Types of bugs in WarRock:

  • - Bug leaning. ( not allowed ). The process of leaning on the edge of a wall, allowing you to see though it.
  • - Walk leaning ( not allowed ). The process of leaning while walking against a wall, so an enemy can't see you while leaning out. This is also not allowed if you are not carrying a gun (for example, walk leaning with grandes, the bomb, nippers etc. is not allowed either)
  • - Wall Boosting ( not allowed ). Using multiple players to climb a wall. This is not allowed in any situation. Even if you can get to a certain place without using the bug.
  • - Clipping your tank barrel ( not allowed ). Clipping your tank barrel through a wall, to shoot players on the other side.
  • - 360E leaning ( not allowed ). 
  • - Bunny Hopping ( allowed ). Bunny hopping is the process of using the speed of roll while jumping, allowing a player to stay at full rolling speed while still jumping.
  • - Invert Leaning ( allowed ). Invert leaning is the process of using cover on the legs and head, so a player can only see the hands/shoulder of an invert-leaning player.
  • - Sliding ( allowed ). Sliding is the process of sliding down a sloped surface. This can be done by rolling down a surface, and then letting go of all buttons on the keyboard.

How can I contribute to this topic?

You can contribute to this topic, by sending a ticket with a specific location. We will evaluate that situation in our GM team, after which we will add it to this topic. If you disagree with any of our rules in this topic, feel free to write us a ticket as well.

Common Spots:

- Sitting in this spot is above ramp is allowed 

- Sitting in this spot is above the mid bomb allowed 


- Defusing the bomb from outside of the middle bomb is allowed  
- Sitting in this spot is above the Derbaran top snipe is allowed 


- Moving from the mine ground, towards the Derbaran base is allowed 

Rusty Nails
-Bunnyhopping to the top of the stairs from Derbaran base is allowed 

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