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Please give back my id......


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    Dear user,

    To consider your account recovery request you need to send us the following information of your BlackShot SEA account:

    • How did the account theft happen (small description)?

    • Account ID (login)

    • Character Name (in game name)

    • Previous Character Names (If you changed your name, write your previous names)

    • Registered Email (first email that was registered when the account was created)

    • Last email address (the last email address that you had in use on your account)

    • Date of registration (When did you register? As accurately as you can remember. You can search your E-mail for any account registration E-mails related to Garena, Playone or BlackShot)

    • IP address (What is your IP address? Find out at . Can you remember what it was when you registered your account?)

    • Last Transactions IDs (the last 3 or more transactions IDs with a 9 digits code from your BC charges that you can find on your Xsolla email receipts)

    • Last successful Login (date of your last successful login in BlackShot)

    Please fill in ALL the necessary information and send to our support email at

    If you have any more issue or questions for us feel free to contact us.

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