Cash Weapons Duration

midlanehokagemidlanehokage Posts: 1Member Beginner
On 27 February you guys got DDoSed , the duration of all my cash weapons was wasted.
Are you going to compensate me?


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    Dear user,

    For compensation related to the DDOS. Please send us a support ticket so we can help you from there. 

    You can follow these steps below to submit a support ticket.

    1) Log in into the papayaplay website at

    2) Click on Support (It is located beside your ID at top right of the website.)

    3) Click on Blackshot SEA or Blackshot Global (Depending on which server the account you are having trouble in).

    4) Click on the 'Submit a request' on top right of the website.

    5) Fill in the support ticket.

    6) Click on Submit.

    If you have any other questions do not hesitate contacting us. Have a nice day and have fun in game!

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