The game isn't fluid (maybe low fps)

SnolakSnolak Posts: 0Member Beginner
Hello to all,
I'm a gamer and i have a problem with the game.
When the room is full,in room of 16 players the game isn't fluid,
I go slower than when we are only 2 or 3/4 players.
I would like to clarify that i have a good pc. 
My configuration is:
Intel core  i7-6700 cpu 3.40 GHz
Ram: 16 GB     DDR3
System: Windows 10 64 bit
AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

How can i solve this problem?

Thanks to everyone in advance.


  • zyoopszyoops Posts: 12Member Beginner
    its likely windows10 issue

    your not alone on this, check discussion topic on general
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