WTS Binded Blacksmith's Glory 20%, 10%, 5%

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I'll start recording from the moment you give me your item + the dil in the trade window, then I'll post the video on youtube if you demand it so, regardless of the outcome (fail or otherwise). If you're in good terms with a game official (gm/dev or whatnot) feel free to get them involved in the trade as well, in order to supervise it.

The prices are as follows: 

-5%    5b if it fails, 50b if it succeeded 
-10%  10b/50b
-20%  20b/50b
-Extra holly water for an additional 5% chance 5b

For those of you who don't know how the trade wil
l go,since the glory is binded, I'll give a brief explanation :

I start recording, you give me your item + 5/10/20b (depending on the glory you want to purchase) + 5b in case you want me to use holly water for the extra 5% chance + the condensed gold argate, then I go to the blacksmith and use my glory on your item, if it fails, you will get your item back and that's that, if it goes to +10 you will have to pay the difference to 50b in order to get your item back (45b if you purchased the 5%, 40b for the 10%, 30b for the 20%). However you need to have all the money prepared in advanced, so I can record when you give me the rest of the money for your item, because if your item goes to +10 and you don't have the rest of the money, ill stop the recording at that point, and your item will become mine.

The starting prices for the glories & holly water are negotiable, however the final price, in case the item goes to +10, is not.


  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 212Approved Member Trainee
    Feel free to leave your IGN here, or PM/Mail Daamskuss in game (most likely @ DV)
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