There is any good reason to come back?

tyranderpvtyranderpv Posts: 12Member Beginner
Hey guys, i am just checking this game again...and trying to find any good reason to get my hunty back, anyways i am checking it and i dont kno very well...maybe u can help or tip ur opinion thts all



  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
    Playerbase is getting thinner every day, prices are chaotic, items are 3-5x more expensive than they were before xmass for example, and even if you have a lot of money, its really really hard to even find someone selling good stuff, I've been shouting for about 2 months now on a daily basis for a good helpy gauntlet and not even a single person ever pmd me, even thou money are not an issue. It costs around 4-5b right now to craft a single helpyron item, and unless you're really lucky, you will have to spend a fortune, just to get an item with good rolls, not to mention the insanely low rates to upgrade them (I've spent ~70b, graces included, just to +7 my helpy pants, and about 40b for the armor). In addition to all that I've written so far, it seems that every single staff member from papaya has forsaken us, I haven't seen any activity in game or on the forums from someone at papaya, in weeks, besides when they write about the patch notes. Oh, the items/dil that were dupped during the dshop scandal and afterwards plus the players who made them/used them knowingly (like Herzlebut, who was SS'd using MC3, alongside many others) are still running around free like nothing happend.

    So in conclusion, no, there is absolutely no good reason to come back. I hope this helped.
  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 170Approved Member Trainee
    And hackers all over place.There is already one player who got from 195-198 in 6 days, wich from my experience is impossible, at least not legit way, what was that AK name, i think Sh1ro. Then ofcourse vac hackers/ sum/cs AFK farming, usual stuff that haven't been fixed since game was released.

    Market is screwed, there is literally nothing good to buy and i would say not even safe since it seems duping is going on very well. Literally 3 weeks ago like during one week period there where like 18 Helpyron Weapons made to +10, wonder where they get glory talismans.

    Near future seems kinda boring to me to be honest since most likely crest update for costume will be released and from what i have seen on forums Papaya kinda will give an option to wipe stats and most likely push heavy on cash shop crest gem sales, simalar idea might be implemented for the wings. Helion and crystal weapon release coming sooon but since i didn't bother to make Helpyron set i doubt i will do with Helion since not worth spending at least min 200+ euros, asuming if you don't fail upgrade even once. At least NEXON used to organize cursed coupon event for some free upgrade talis.

    And ofcouce crapload other issues that i doubt will be dealt with at all.
  • ShirololShirolol Posts: 34Approved Member Beginner
    I heard he got 195-199 in 2 days AND perp in a week.

    Back to reality though, game's still fun if you like pking or the usual hardcore grinding. ^^ Yes there are the same issues as always, most of which shadowaloken listed, but papaya said they are gonna release the new act this year and do something about the gm shop made items so let's wait and see if they keep to their word. :P
  • magazinul2magazinul2 Posts: 56Member Beginner
    I smell baloney~~~~~~

    Tyra, go enjoy your existence in any other game that the staff actually cares about it's community, I uninstalled this poo a few months ago, casually checking forums for drama <3, but other than that, du nut cum, it's a gay trap for walletwarriors.

    Mucho luv :* Hami.
  • angelguy149angelguy149 Posts: 1Approved Member Beginner
    wow its been 2yrs++ since i stopped playing this game [last is with nexon]; and just i try to open some dramas on this game.
    still it is u shadowaloken [low crap aloken] keeps crying on forum? what a sad life....
    move on... get a real life... f8ck some pretty beach girls...
    your too fat already to keep sitting on your chair and plays online game.
  • cesaroctaviocesaroctavio Posts: 34Member Beginner
    I have spent more than 25b to upgrade mitera tears, I spent two weeks looking for gears for DKSQ 150 + 9 and I have not received a single message, prices are sky high, servers full of hackers and people who have used the GMSHOP and are supported by GM'S of the game that you never see connected, to level up an item, you have to spend more than 50b that the only thing they cause is the illegal purchase of dills.

    If you level up and look for a gold dragon or helpy +10 weapon, you need more than 100b or 200b for the helpy, the server is full of scammers and resellers who raise the prices to the maximum, the dungeons drop absolutely nothing, the golden boxes they give nothing and have taken away the wings that are worthwhile like glag of war or dark arcadia ...

    in conclusion this game is about to die for the GM'S who do nothing, the illegal players that we all know that only they have access to the shop of gm's returning this nice game in not having equality among the players, legal palyers vs illegal players, there is no fair game

    the GM'S became DIVINE just like the illegal players ..
  • CyberPhoenix08CyberPhoenix08 Posts: 0Member Beginner
    Absolutely, NO! Same shet happening and its getting worst everyday. GM Items from gm dshop are rampantly distributed, abused and duped by some players and papaya doesnt even care. All they do is LIE, well no wonder ever since dekaron was transferred to papaya they already lied from the start. I wonder, papaya personnel were trained to be a liars or they just hired personnel who knows how to lie. Ops sorry, i forgot they also hired corrupt gm.
  • wachteljodelwachteljodel Posts: 0Member Beginner
    no continue play hello kitty online much better

  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
    Haha, its like papaya just wanted to prove me right, with their latest "event". 200% item drop rate boost in 4 dungeons, 3 of them which nobody plays anymore, they changed the number of treasure pieces you can get in plat and gold boxes by 10.... wow, and last but not least they changed the connection time reward. Talking about lazy, undocumented and uninspired. 

    1st of all, those treasure map pieces should drop from mobs at about the same rate vindictive spirits drop, since you need a lot of them to get the mount/25 abyss crystal, and the prizes themselves are not that great.

    2nd of all, how about they make those dungeons actually worth playing, and instead of giving a 200% item drop rate boost, how about they change the drops entirely, so instead of the bosses dropping  shitty wep/armor mudrocks plus other ingredients needed to craft a helpy item, which you need to wait 3 days for if u don't have catalyst, they make the bosses droping helpyron weapons/armor directly, plus having all the mobs droping ingredients, so instead of farming for days to gather the ingredients, then waiting a few more days to get your item, with shit rolls most likely, how about farming for a few hours and getting a few weps/armors already made + enough ingredients to craft even more weps/armor.

    How about those ideas for an event papaya?

  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
    Anyway I know there's no point in trying to reason with papaya's staff, so instead I made this meme, which I think it perfectly describes the situation as a whole. image
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
    Okay, the forum is broke as well, how do you insert an image? I tried clicking on the "insert image" and then adding the link, but all it dose it says image, and if I add the links directly, it does't show the image itself, only redirects you to the website hosting the image.
  • RazeeerRazeeer Posts: 161Approved Member Trainee
    Not to mention the removed the option to edit your post, so instead of figuring that out by trial and error, I need to make like 10 posts in a row. GG papaya. imageimage
  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 170Approved Member Trainee
    Hahaha. Well can afk more since nothing decent to farm anyways.
  • KingS13eKingS13e Posts: 14Approved Member Beginner
    I tough of comming back last week, than i saw DI post for that “other dshop” . GG all and have fun
  • Rider2018xRider2018x Posts: 3Member Beginner
  • Rider2018xRider2018x Posts: 3Member Beginner
    why the fuck does it take so long for comment to be approved so fucking stupid.
  • SojuPayToLoseSojuPayToLose Posts: 237Approved Member Trainee
    Yo Tyra bank my baby!
    The game has turn everything into random luck based from gear to accessories. If you happen to craft good helpy gear then should come back to give it another shot. So far all my crafted gear went to box already fking no luck with crafting my own shiz. Welcome back hoe.
  • olvag02olvag02 Posts: 7Member Beginner
    No coz is 100% pay to win game
  • MateaB1MateaB1 Posts: 344Approved Member Intermediate
    On the other hand, I notice an effort from Papaya's side (someone told me they even flew to Korea to meet the fabulous DEV team). Last 2 content updates are just what we needed: hard dungeons that require full (almost) party team cooperation. Didn't have that much fun for some time back. For the last 10 days I spoke to more players than I did in the past year and made some new friends too... I hope that background cleaning-up is also taking fast pace, although I would prefer to be informed more precisely (some items were deleted - how many and of what type - who got punished, etc.). Shedding good and timely information is a key to rebuilding trust... GMs, I want your answers, ty.
  • ShadowAlokenLVShadowAlokenLV Posts: 170Approved Member Trainee
    Only crespo hard is pointless to do for the players who farmed their perpetuus or obtained through plat boxes.

    Karon transport ship is fun to do but sadly most people don't feel motivated to farm sailors ring since again have to open wallet to try making till +10. But yea agree over all doing new dgs is fun and much harder.

  • DunkinDo12DunkinDo12 Posts: 4Member Beginner
    ShadowAlokenLV. For I still comeback why? because all the games out there are P2W now and I rather play dekaron papaya than private servers like core dekaron, dekaron rising, prime dekaron which is not challenging. 
  • K1rio5Z0loK1rio5Z0lo Posts: 32Member Beginner
    I also heard they flew to Nasa's base on Mars to install a satellite so people will be able to connect to Dekaron without any problems.
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