Patch Notes - 3.8 "St. Patrick's Day Event"

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Hello heroes, 

We know the event period for Treasure Map Piece at the new dungeon 'Karon's Transport [Fresh]' may be too short for many players.

About Karon's Transport [Fresh] & Treasure Map Piece:

From this week's patch, you can get the pieces from the following ways:
1. Platinum & Gold Treasure Boxes: The Treasure Map Piece quantity has been increased to 10.
2. Connection reward: 1x Seed of Dream reward in the connection event has been changed to Treasure Map Piece 1x/2x/3x 

1x Piece from NPC Rizenna in Karon's Transport is no longer available after this update.

Lastly, we doubled the Item Drop Rate in the following four dungeons for one week only.

  • Karon’s Transport [Fresh]
  • Dragon’s Nest
  • Forgotten Underground Temple
  • Dravice Secret Passageway

Enjoy the events and hope to see you soon with another news!

Best regards,

GM Waldo

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