WC (Not Water Closet)

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You know what is the single most common problem in UWO?

Yes it is WC or wrong chat.

It is the first abbreviation every newbie in UWO learn. I'm not kidding.

People got used and are tolerant to it but It still happens everyday.

But I'm not here to complaint about people who wc. Throw the first rock or comment here if you never had written in the wrong chat window.

WC is only the tip of the iceberg. Therefore I'm here to suggest improvements to the UWO's written communication system.

Here are issues I see as comunications problems:

1 - All communication happens in the same window

In a crowded environment like Seville or when you have several people talking to you at the same time or when you have opened several world/trade/company chats ... It is easy to get lost, even with the color coding (And get a few people angry with you)

2 - Direct messages (PM / Tell) require you to type the exact match of the receipt/sender's nickname

3 - No difference in priority from a direct messages (PM / Tell) and a local chat or shout.

Again, easy to make people angry for missing their message.

My suggestions:

1 - Make tab comunication windows

We use tabs in our browsers and in office applications like ms Excel, so why not in UWO?

2 - Organize chat by sender.

When you open a company tab, the new tab should get all the discution in the company tab so that you can quickly catch up in the conversation.

Same for World, School, Trade or private chat. Each one should have a separate tab.

People respond to what they are reading. If they are reading the company tab and feel the urge to reply, they will reply in the correct chat tab. And that's how we end the WC.

3 - Make PM case insensitive

4 - Create a right click option to open a new tab (When applicable)

The sender's name is showing on the screen. Why do we have to type it over? Why not a point and click option?

5 - Make PMs and priority messages show up in the center of the screen when they arrive (and if you are not on the correct tab to read it).

Emails directed to us (we are on to:) receive high priority. So why not give Private message the same priority? Someone is waiting for your reply...

The message should still go to the correct chat tab.

Do you like this idea? Like & comment to show our publisher it deserves their attention. Thank you!
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