I have some question to ask about La Tale, thank for your reply.

Hello, La  Tale discussion, I am a new player, and I want to ask some question.

1. Q: Is this game worth to play?

My opinion: Someone said this game is dead, I think so too. Since the forum is not active so much, and the difficult of game is so hard, too less people to play in game. And for the version of Korean LT, that is too difficult for new player, and almost dungeon is solo since if party dungeon will distribute exp and items.And before player reach high level, low level almost do quest to gain exp. Why so less exp for players hunt monsters?

2. Q: What is active mean for guild?

My opinion: In game, some people always use microphone to add member to their guild, and the requirement is active.So, what is active player? Only online? Talkative? Or do quest again and again to farm guild point? I dont know.And if I dont get guild point whether will be kicked by guild leader?

3. Q: How difficult is farm end game equip for lvl 200?

My opinion: I watch a video from Youtube to introduce how to boost damage for level 190 up.  For most of dungeons and fields,  I can do them but not too fast. But for royal rumble, I cant do to last, almost my attack on MD is miss. Ummm, my job is archmage. And all item in game is needed ely, so if player dont play wind stalker, how they farm ely?

4. Q: What is the most damage class for La Tale?

I dont have idea , I am so confuse about this question. For damage test, I use level up equipment. And all the skill is not reach master. And no other pet enhance. Then pop star damage is 70-80k for water, 50-60k for devil play. And for arch mage is 80-90k for almost skill, 200k-250k for wind cutter and rune of mentor.  So what is class for continuous damage? What is class for explode damage?

5. Q: What is leech for this game?

I saw some people sell leech, is that for hiring a person to do the dungeon for me and no pick up items?


If I have another question, I will post later. Sorry for my bad english. >_<


  • CrimsonbunnyCrimsonbunny Posts: 35Member Beginner
    1-The game is some what dead but still can be very fun u can get by with out others lving to 200 i know that much.Really the only way u will probly run in to other players is by staying on ch 1.Only time i found it worth being in a party was from 180+.The main prob is new players or returning players finding a guild thats not dead.

    3 200+ is hard because theres just so much that opens up at that point any class can stack ely but ws is the best at it.There are guides u can find that list everything .

    5 selling leech is some one that if u pay ely will kill everything in a dungeon  for u and u get all the loot.
  • CrimsonbunnyCrimsonbunny Posts: 35Member Beginner
    Also your main amount of $$ will probly come from farming dungeons over and over every day .U can also try selling things like shards star glyph stacks of things needed for index things needed for legend quest..

    If if u dont have high ely stacking yet every dungeon is worth farming for the drops even the lowest one,
    like my 200bm killing in jade forest get 1200some ely per kill most of  lower dungeon gearsells for more thin that.And a lot of normal mobs around 200 dont even seem to drop gear or at least i have never see it.

    More thin ely gain imo try to get both ely and idr.Idr my even be better if u have a lot of unlocked space in your bag.But u cant go wrong evening the 2 out.
  • JF7X00JF7X00 Posts: 9Member Beginner
    ok so  the game is active however most people use the program discord to communicate since there is a papaya latale discord server,

    an active guild just means people sign into the guild and its members talk or do things in game like have crops or other events for the guild. guild points is generally important since those are used to bu guild buffs for every one in the guild such as stats  ely gain and item drop rate just to name a few.

    farming for end game does take a ton of ely honestly, however you do not need to waste ely to enchant every new set gear you get from 200 onward.

    as for most powerful class. well realistically any class can be strong you just have to put effort in it but as for  actual rankings or opinion i would say agni or most explorer classes. I could be wrong about this.

    and leeching is basically where you hire someone to just clear dungeons for you mostly for exp gaining but it could be items as well.

  • WiolowKuunWiolowKuun Posts: 0Member
    Oh, I see. Thank you for reply.
  • WiolowKuunWiolowKuun Posts: 0Member
    Ok, I see. Thank you all. :D
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