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Hello Everyone!

This post is to address any growing concerns about the game. We understand that the main issues that are hindering your Dekaron Experience are Duplicated items, the Item Cash Shop and the In-Game Shop. In this post we will explain what measures are being taken to address them and what our general prognosis is on these issues. We assure you that these problems have our full attention and we have many team members working hard to resolve them and restore order in the game.

First, we want to assure you that the perpetrators can no longer create duped items and that the developers have implemented systems to ensure that the problem will not arise again. Our team has conducted various tests and we are confident that the recent changes to the game have eliminated possibilities of item duplication. Developers also put in additional preventive measures.

Second, the Cash Item shop has been a great problem for Dekaron and has caused many issues for players. We have collaborated with the developers and we want to announce that the Cash Item shop has been closed. For the details about the Cash Item shop closure please check the posts by GMWaldo in the Announcement section of Dekaron Papaya Forum:

Third, the In-Game shop has been affected by the Duplicated Items and Item Cash shop. To adjust to the drastically changed market, the In-Game shop prices were changed. With that being said, we are thinking of ways to resolve the situation and hopefully make the In-Game shop items more accessible to all players. Our team is working closely with the developers to prepare a solution that not only is going to fix the current issue, but also benefit the game and players in the long term.

We also want to assure you that we are working to make the game more interesting by continuously thinking of new events and we want you to stay tuned for the summer as we have some projects that you are going to find very interesting.


Team Dekaron
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