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Jorenalc10Jorenalc10 Posts: 15Member Beginner
Dear all,

I have 5th slot for over 100 days. However, when I want to buy a weapon for 5th slot for 30 days I get an error message with "insufficient slot time". This is obviously not the case. Can this be fixed? I am premium for 7 more days, so if this cannot be fixed within this time period, could you add the weapon to my account for 30 days and deduct the corresponding dinars?

See pics for more clarification. 

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  • die4WRdie4WR Posts: 30Member Beginner
    i have see this too, the bought in the shop works whit premium days, not whit 5th slot days time...for me this is feels wrong, but maybe works only for premium stuff this...sorry for my english
    i want see hgm answer at this post
  • Jorenalc10Jorenalc10 Posts: 15Member Beginner
    Yeah I think this is the case.

    In the earlier days of Warrock, you could only obtain 5th slot when buying premium. In that time 'nr of days premium' = 'nr of days 5th slot'.

    Nowadays, when 5th slot is also sold in packages and can also be obtained from crates, this is not the case. So I think they forgot to update the code, since I have 5th slot, but it thinks I haven't since my premium time is different.
  • [HGM]Skateboard[HGM]Skateboard Posts: 135WR Game Master Trainee
    Hello @Jorenalc10, @die4WR.
    This issue has been reported to Dream Execution. We expect to fix this issue in a future patch. Sorry for the inconvenience it is causing you and other players.
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