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lfulyallfulyal Posts: 11Member Beginner
you are saying send ticket. i send ticket when? image below. 18 days ago. this good? you think?  i am still losing the premium. and equipments. i know send ticket :) i am k2 network beta player. papaya play support no answer. i also want help here. my account closed 23 february 2018-friday. full 19 days. reason: "that id is currently being used". i saw papaya play  other games same error. old days dekaron players too write same error. this warrock is not a problem. this papaya play servers problem. papaya play lose old players. in the future wr players encounter same problem. because this papaya play servers problem. fix for wr. you can look at picture below. thank you for reading.



  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 280Member Intermediate
    Have you tried contacting a HGM on Discord, like I said in your other topic?
  • lfulyallfulyal Posts: 11Member Beginner
    bro i dont have program. idk hgm and lgms. help me with this for you. i have known you for a long time.
  • p0wner1180p0wner1180 Posts: 280Member Intermediate
    You can download Discord here: https://discordapp.com/

    When your done with the download you can join the WarRock Discord server by clicking here: https://discordapp.com/invite/warrock

    There you can contact a HGM that is online at that time and ask for help.
  • [HGM]Cheerful[HGM]Cheerful Posts: 97WR Game Master Beginner
    Dear @lfulyal,

    You should know that we do not assist players with personal related issues.
    If you have already submitted a ticket and it was closed, reopen it if you find it necessary.
    If the ticket is still opened, then it means we are still reviewing it.

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