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Hello BlackShot SEA soldiers,

The new Competitive Mode Beta has arrive! The BETA SEASON 1 COMPETITIVE MODE EVENT is now Live with the new Competitive Mode, new weapons and several new events!

Check out the update info here:

We really would appreciate if you could check all the update info on the link above, play a lot to test all the new features and later share your feedback and also your suggestions for future improvements of this extremely important update on this topic.

As usual your feedback is always extremely important to us and always taken under consideration for improvements in our product and especially on your gaming experience.

Thanks in advance and enjoy the update!

Team BlackShot


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    The new update was awesome!!!!  but please fix the DDOS Philippines right now is so lag before we are just 30-70 ping but because of this DDOS our ping is 100-300+ Hope you can fix this issue as a part of community Iam looking forward also that you will detect the  hackersand yourt battle can detect the hack .Thats all and thank you more power in this game. I will wait for the time thats this issues will fix ;)

     I will wait for the time that these issues will be fix ;)

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    agradeceria se tivesse opcao de escolher no modo competitivo jogar sd Random e acrescentar mapa TFM para outros jogadores acostumados com os mesmos 

    houve muita reclamação dos jogadores BR negativando o modo mas eu não vi razão para eles questionarem pois o novo modo competitivo foi super avançado e superou minhas expectativas

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    The new update for competitive system was really really amazing dude. You guys did such a great job man. Keep it up ! We all from Malaysia love the new fresh idea like this.

    But if you don't mind, i just wanna let you guys know some bug that happen in clan chat which is appear for 2 times when chatting with clanmates. I know it's running for BETA so hope it will be fix soon.

    Keep up the good work ! [Thumb Up]
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    Can you throw in the Australian Aboriginal Flag and/or the Australian Flag.

    Multiple choice for the room leader.
    SD, DOM, TFM, etc.
    Tick boxes or something.
    I preferr to skip the Domination maps if I were playing in comp channel a lot.

    Just played 4 Solo Competitive Mode matches consecutively, and lost 4 matches in a row.
    I had the best Score and the Most Kills each match by far.
    Yet my ELO score went down 10 or 11 points each match. Because the match was lost.

    blackshot only match stream/uploads
  • trollkiller32trollkiller32 Posts: 3Member Beginner
    The new mode makes me feel blind. I don`t know who is in the channel at all. Also there is no way for me cancel the search if i am not the host of the competitive mode forcing me to close blackshot and then restarting it. The chat cant be used well while searching. The matchmaking is bad. The host should be allowed to choose mercenaries who are searching alone instead of random. Instead of needing to wait for the host to invite, users should have the feature similar to clash royale's tournament code where each room has a code(and optional password). This way since the room code is random there is no way to "scout" but people can join their friend''s room. The invite is also weird.You cannot invite more than one friend at one time.By the way, what are the blackshot logos on pub matches for?flags? And why do rifles now shoot like snipers (the bullet animation)?

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    blackshot ph server so lag pls fixed

  • jiaerx25jiaerx25 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    hello! i honestly prefer clan war to competitive. clan war can scout, competitive can't. u may wonder why i talk about scouting, its because scouting helps us to not get the clan we want. also, when we scout and we get the clan we want. there's like a sense of achievement. im super weak in blackshot, so i wouldnt want to vs pros at all. competitive can't scout and i would always go against pros and end up losing. i play competitive to win, not to keep going against pros and lose. lastly, there is this domination mode in competitive. im not a fan of this mode and yet, when i play competitive, i keep getting domination. i want to play SD not domination.
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    To All GMs,

    In light with the recent patch - The Competitive Beta has divided the Blackshot community into two groups. It is either you love the patch, or you hate it. Personally for me, i truly dislike the new patch. An obvious reason for this is definitely the removal of the Clan War Channel. All Clans' Wins and Loss have been completely removed and this is not justifiable. Many Clans, like my own, have been SLOGGING FOR MANY YEARS bringing the wins up to 25k or more. Sadly, THE WINS have been removed overnight due to Competitive Mode. This is definitely and unequivocally unfair to those who have worked so hard in Clan War. 

    To add on to my brazen point, if you have failed to realize that ONE MAIN REASON Blackshot is still surviving till this very day is definitely because of the Clan War. From Garena to Papaya to Vertigo, the HEART and SOUL of this game is without doubt the Clan War Channel. Clan War bring about more fruitful purpose to this game. Not to mention the camaraderie and teamwork that blossom because of Clan War. By removing this very essence of the game, Blackshot has become dull and monotonous.

    Henceforth, I strongly urge that Vertigo to RESTORE back the Clan Wins and Loss, and also the Clan War Channels. Moreover, Vertigo can still have the Competitive Mode and also the Clan War. Let's have the best of both worlds.

  • danxoresdanxores Posts: 7Member Beginner
    Please take a look at the fairness in Competitive mode. 

    If its competitive mode, please remove certain skins, cash gun that are over powered so that there is fair gameplay in competitive mode. 

    Let the skill talk and not those cash that triumph the game.

    Please take a serious consideration in this and let this be a fair and fun competitive mode in Blackshot. 
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