Parca gift

lokeren123lokeren123 Posts: 1Member Beginner
Hello, i have bought new year fortune box from DK shop, and obtained parca gift2 and 2x parca gift3. It seems thet it is only event item in thet box, and cant be exchanged anymore. So i would like to ask if thet event is going to come again, or i have been wasted money? Couse thet would be realy unpleasent. And i wouldnt want to wait whole year to get it. Thank You in advance for reply.


  • DunkinDo12DunkinDo12 Posts: 8Member Beginner
    ah that event ended my friend so you just wasted money and the wings is not too good only for mobs if you want pvp wing get arcadia, flag of war(win) that be good. 
  • lokeren123lokeren123 Posts: 1Member Beginner
    Yeah i know, but its not fair, papaya team should’v removed event items thet have passed from DK shop randoom boxes. Its apsurd, those items you buy with real money should be usefull and give me motivation to buy more, not to make me abandone playing game at all.
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