Dekaron Community Post 21.03.2018

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Hello Everyone!

Maintenance for Karon's Pilgrimage is complete. We are trying out a brand new format for this event. We noticed that people enjoyed the events that we had previously and we are excited to bring all of them together for the grand prize.

You can learn more about Karon's Pilgrimage by following the link below.

We want to announce that during today’s maintenance we have deleted all of the duplicated items. The total amount of duplicated items was 4714. We understand that some of the users have been affected by this glitch and it was a serious issue that hindered user experience. We believe that deleting items used for duplication will make the game healthier and more enjoyable in the long term. We also understand that many users that did not have ill intentions were affected by the duplicated items and we believe that victims deserve to be compensated. Therefore, if you have been affected by the unlawful transaction please send us a support ticket with the detailed information about the transaction. Your ticket must include information about IGN of the Buyer, IGN of the Seller, Item that was purchased/sold and time of the transaction. If you don’t remember exact details, please include as much as you can remember. After we conduct a thorough investigation into the incident we are going to compensate you.

You can send us ticket by following this link:


Team Dekaron
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