for those who played trickster online

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Discord Server:

EXP Rate: 8x Base; 8x TM

Item Rate: 4x


  • Custom bosses

  • Custom unique items

  • Enhanced quests

  • Free driller pet

  • No timed items

  • Extra exp bonus on parties

  • Nerfed refinement ore prices by 95% to prevent mine afk drillers

  • No base exp when drilling to prevent afk leveling

  • Speed leveling (to people who wanna reach endgame fast)

  • Boss waves (to give chance for players to gear up)

  • Harkon is very active, and promotes party play

  • Free MS items

  • Active in events

  • Level Up GB drops from monsters

  • Free Fashion Items

  • Hairdyes can be bought website

  • Fuses sale on website every now and then


  • GM is a troll sometimes. And has been called out endlessly in the past for his laziness and stubbornness.

  • Small community. The community usually hangs out on Discord, making it hard for players outside of Discord, and making them a lot lost.

  • Speed leveling makes it quite boring because the progression is too fast.

  • Was pay to win for a while because the in-game content that allows you to get endgame items was down for quite a while.

  • Most of the stuff aren’t translated yet

  • Quite unstable economy

  • No auto-patcher

  • Riot usually happens every now and then (especially when patching happens)

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