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*Sorry for my bad english*
Im not sure if this was talked before, but im thinking its litle dificult stay connect all the day and stay alert if somebody are selling the item what u want when u are disconected, or canot shout your item cuz u are not in game searching soemone to buy u. So, i think in a "Offline Agency":

1. Open "Offline Agency" menu and select Search Item or Deposit Item
   1) "Search Item", for see deposited items what disconected ppl put in the automatic trade, for a amount of DIL, bullions, or other items.
   2) "Deposit Item", for put a item what u want to sell/trade, and specficate the items or amount of DIL/bullions u want for it. Down of specifications of what u want for ur selling's item, a box of message where u can write something about to who are interested in your item.
   3) When u finished sending ur item to the bank of the "Offline Agency", u can see a new boton in the menu, "See status of XXX", where the next time u loggin, can see if someone buyed/traded ur item for what u search, and pick up to ur inventory.

Its REALLY SIMILAR to a "GTS" system of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but i think it can help very much to ppl who canot stay logged all the day (Very much of us study/working/have family)

Thanks u for read and comment what u think <3 maybe i forget a detail or something what cannot make it a good idea and u can help in it.

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