Overpowered of M4A1 ELite and other M4 guns.

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Nowadays Blackshot isn't as fun as before. Last time it used to be a skilled game , but now tons and tons of players have been buying M4A1 Elite and other M4 guns to win the game because of their low recoil and high damage. In every games that I entered, at least 5 players are using those M4 guns. It angered a lot of other players to have a better gameplay and a fairplay in the match. It has been widely used among almost all players in Blackshot SEA. Instead of bringing happy faces to players, it has now been a very big and serious problem to the point where some players actually don't want to play Blackshot anymore. I hope you can slightly nerf those guns to bring happy faces and old players back into the game just like how the developers nerf the SMG guns before it went into Papaya Play :D Hope you all had a good day! 


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    Yes, GMs please nerf m4 elite as its fire rate is super high and its bullet spread is very close together, making it easier to hit enemies. Furthermore, I feel that m4 elite causes opponents aim to be very unstable, making us players unable to accurately kill those wield m4 elite, especially for headliners, its very difficult to hs once they start firing.
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    Thank you for the feedback!
    We will keep note of this and will send to the dev team regarding this issue.

    Thanks and Regards,
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