[NOTICE] Competitive Mode BETA Season 1 Information

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edited April 2018 Patch Notes

A glorious weekend to you, mercs!
Thanks for your feedback on Competitive Mode Season 1!
Season 1 will conclude on April 12; in the meantime, check out the rewards that await you based on your performance:


BRONZE: Glock 18 DUAL, M4A1 Elite, Med Kit 1, 20,000 BP

SILVER: P90 Jungle, M4A1 Elite, Med Kit 1, 20,000 BP

GOLD: HK 416 Forest, AWP Black, Med Kit 2, 10,000 BP

PLATINUM: HK 416 Leopard, Cheytac Azure, Med Kit 2, 10,000 BP

THE BLACK: SCAR Omega, MSR Blackest Grade, Med Kit 2, Silver Trophy, 10,000 BP

Note: All rewards are for 15 days.

There’s still time left to get your ranking up, so don’t let up your trigger finger just yet!

Team BlackShot SEA
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