Battle formulas and Acceleration

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Battle Formulas

They have helped me a lot so i wanted to share them, it was made by 
nasheruleung from Gamma if im not wrong, but could have been written by some1 else, the info got wiped with OGplanet, i also added what i have found to the guide. If something is not acurate Blame them not me. Muahaha

First of All: Wave adds no acceleration or bonus to combat (+11 is required to be stormproof. a certain wave level adds protection from big waves too) cargo speed bonus when sailing

The following is without taking into account the ships cargo, armour, sailors or speed up, cuz those affect Accel too

1 Sail = High Accel (like Bermuda sloop or Reffited Bucentaur)     2 Sails = Kinda high Accel (like turtles or korean warship)    3 Sails = Normal Accel (like frigates)     4 Sails = slow Accel  (like a Ottoman Galleas)  5 Sails = Very slow Accel ( like some clippers)

Steam Engine works inside the ring and it does the same as outside, Boosts Accel and turn.

Speed Ups from grading: Still need to confirm but it seems Speed 1 adds the most accel, the others add less.

Base armor and armor from plates adds boost to acceleration... improved armor does not.
Speed penalty from armor plates is only half of the stated amount and is applied toward base sail values, not improvement or ship part sail increases.

Crew needed to Shoot

Number of crew needed for max cannon damage (MCD): minimum ship crew required + 1 + (No. of cannons x 7/8)

Simplified Damage
Each broadside = (cannon damage/10) (-armor)
Each critical = (cannon damage/5) (-20% armor)
Penetration gives +5 damage per rank to each volley, double on criticals. (+100 or +200 at rank 20)

Expanded Damage
critical damage = ( (cannon damage * 2 / 8.875 + 3 - armor *0.2) * 5 + ( (Rank of Penetration + 1) / 2) * 20 ) * shot defense factor (which is 0.7 for rank 10) [+10 per Penetration rank]
broadside damage = ( (cannon damage / 8.875 + 3 - armor *0.9) * 5 + ( (Rank of Penetration + 1) / 2) * 10 ) * shot defense factor (which is 0.5 for rank 10)

Formulas for Shooting.... Balls......To your enemy..... in the But 

Factors of accuracy rate up.
Accuracy 1rank = 2%up. r20accuracy = 40%up
Ballistics 1rank = 1.5%up. r20ballistics = 30%up.
Blinking your cannon = 10%up.
Fair wind = 20%up.
Head wind = 10%up.

Factors of accuracy rate down.
Eva 1rank = 2%down. r20eva = 40%down
Figure head = garuda or fafnir = 8%down
Bullet speed = -1 = 3%down. Master's Carronade 10 = 0%down. Master's Cannon 9 = 3%down
Handling skills1 = figure head x 1.25
Handling skills2 = figure head x 1.875
Range = have 5 or 6section. We think  20%down each section, no proof.
If you equipped Handling skills 1,2 with Garuda Its 25%down = 12.5rank eva.

Maximum Evasion = handling skill1 + handling skill2 + garuda + r20eva = 73%down.
Shot defence = 26% ~ 32% damage reduce.

Hope it Helps, Cya when i Pirate u and take all your Woman and children, ahh and Booze

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