Bans those HACKER .

jackie8796jackie8796 Posts: 1Member Beginner
Please " IMPROVE " the blackshot security and bans those hacker.


  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    Hello jackie8796!

    If you happen to find any hackers hacking during your gameplay.
    Do send us a Support Ticket with a video recording of your gameplay showing the hackers hacking.

    By sending the evidence, we will send to BattleEye to investigate and improve our hack prevention system. Thank you!

  • honbasichonbasic Posts: 2Member Beginner
    there are two wallers in competitive right now it is blatantly obvious their ign id is jHONWICK_0_ and j0HNWlCK one has a I and one has a L in the wick. Its is extremely frustrating to play against them

    Most people don know how to record and their computer are not powerful enough to record, I'm playing on a laptop and my laptop just cannot handle the recording software so please find other ways to investigate...
  • AFUBARGameMastersAFUBARGameMasters Posts: 127BS Game Master Master
    Hello honbasic!

    You can use a free recording software like Bandicam. 

    We will only need a few minutes of video snippet of the hack in action and it will be sufficient enough. 
    Do note BlackShot also have an inbuilt Video Recording system. 

    Press "
    Ctrl + Scroll Lock " and it will record your gameplay footage. 

    Press Ctrl + Scroll Lock " again to end your recording.

    It will save in your "Documents/BlackShotScreenshot" folder as AVI format.

    If your computer does not have any proper media codec to run AVI. [You will see a black screen]
    I would recommend you download a free but powerful media player called VLC.

    You can google search the VLC media player online. 

    I do hope you have a more pleasant gameplay experience. If not, happy hunting! 

    Hackers will be punished accordingly as stated in our moderation guidelines. 
    Thank you!

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